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The 5 Stages Of Love, Unfortunately Many Couples Separate In Step 3

The 5 Stages Of Love, Unfortunately Many Couples Separate In Step 3

A relationship, when it starts, is always full of passion and excitement, but this stage of the relationship is only the first step. There are other steps that can put the relationship under pressure or at risk if they are not taken into account and well prepared.

The important thing in a marriage is to face the problems you encounter with gentleness and delicacy and not to let them destroy the relationship.

Lao Tzu, a Chinese sage, said it well: "To be deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while to love someone deeply gives you courage". It's the courage to face the complicated moments of life to make happiness last.

For this, it is essential to know the stages by which the marriage must pass in order to better prepare and face them. However, it is essential to know that the third step is the hardest. Once successfully completed, we could ensure that the transition to the other stages will be successful.

Step 1: excitement and passion
This is the stage of the new encounter, heartbeat, electric glances and passionate kisses. You can not stand a day without this person. Your days are rich and enriched by fun games, flirting and sex. You are inflamed because this person brings back to you the taste of pleasant things and you enjoy sharing them with your partner.

Step 2: The set up
During the second stage, you are probably in a relationship since you have decided for love, to live together and to have children. The routine digs its way but your relationship is still deep even if you decided to drop the masks and look real to each other.

Step 3: The questioning
The third step is the most delicate and the most dangerous because it is the stage of questioning for many couples even if they continue to love each other.

The problems of life generate anxiety and thus conflicts, which can become an obstacle to romance and seduction. The routine settles for real, letting appear the actual habits and the negligence of your partner in his everyday life. And you're wondering about the odds you've probably missed and that you can never catch up with, feeling trapped in a trap that's hard to get out of. The danger becomes imminent and may tip over.

Step 4: A deeper understanding
Once the third step is successfully completed, you begin to discover your couple as it really is, after having spent the adventures and changes in terms of career, children or removals. In crossing the difficult stage of the third stage, you become aware that it is essential to find ways to communicate with your partner instead of staying closed on topics that annoy.

Step 5: Moving forward together
You recognize that perfection does not exist and you begin to attach more importance to the qualities of the other instead of focusing on its flaws. You are about to honor the promises you made at the beginning of your marriage. You begin to think about sharing untapped activities so far, such as traveling more often or sharing games that will revive your complicity and revive your romance.

Tips for going beyond the difficult stages of marriage

- Take care of yourself in all circumstances. Generally, during the marriage, couples tend to adopt a certain sloppiness, in terms of appearance, no longer feeling the need to seduce again as the first day. It's a fatal mistake.

- Keep the surprise effect in your everyday life. A romantic evening alone, a word of love sent by SMS ...

- Keep communication and dialogue in order not to let misunderstandings settle down.

- Be compassionate and tolerant and avoid nasty and hurtful remarks.

- Make him happy for the little things of everyday life.

- Talk about what's wrong with your physical intimacy life and what gives you the most pleasure.
5 Stages Of Love