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75-year-old Pensioner Visits The Shelter Animals Every Day And Sleeps With Cats

75-year-old Pensioner Visits The Shelter Animals Every Day And Sleeps With Cats

Pets are little creatures full of love, and innocence, they can bring us the affection, the comfort, and the joy that many human beings are unable to give. Unfortunately, these small animals can sometimes be left alone, without a master to protect and care for them. For this reason, a 75-year-old man visits an animal shelter every day to sleep with cats. Check out his story in this article.

It's well known ! Cats love hugs and long naps. They sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, and can sleep anywhere, at any time of the day, and on any occasion! But what many people do not know is that these little creatures love to sleep with their masters ... There is nothing better to please your little twink than to let him sleep with you from time to time . That's what prompted this 75-year-old man to go to an animal shelter every day to sleep a few hours with abandoned cats.

A grandfather for these abandoned cats ...
A few days ago, Save Haven Pet Sanctuary, an animal protection center in the United States, had the brilliant idea of sharing photos depicting one of their volunteers napping with the cats of the United States. refuge. And only a few hours after their publication, the photos had already circumnavigated the web, and aroused the excitement of thousands of Internet users around the world!

According to the director of the animal shelter, the man in question is a 75-year-old retired American. The latter visits them daily for 6 months. He spends at least 3 hours a day with the center cats, plays with them, cuddles them, and ends up falling asleep with them.

In spite of all the praise received from the staff of the animal shelter and the net surfers, this generous man insists that it is perfectly normal to take care of these little cats, and that it gives him pleasure, calm and fullness. Would the purring of cats be at the origin of this man's state of serenity?

The purr of cats: A new therapy against stress.
We all know that cats can keep us company, and help us forget about our concerns and worries with their cuddles and cute little games. According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge, cats and dogs can help improve the physical and psychological health of their masters. But did you know that the purr of your cat can fight against stress, anxiety, and insomnia?

Ronron Therapy is about fighting sleep, stress and anxiety problems by listening to the purrs emitted by cats. And believe it or not, this therapy already has many followers around the world, and its results are much more spectacular than you think.

According to experts, the purring of cats emits low frequencies that trigger positive thoughts in the brains of human beings. In addition, it is associated with a reduction of stress and anxiety, as well as an improvement in the quality of sleep.

A study conducted in 2009 also highlighted the fact that cats can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among their owners. According to the authors of the study, the presence of a cat in the house can reduce the stress levels and blood pressure of its inhabitants.

Finally, if you do not suffer from allergies and want to have a faithful and dedicated companion who will comfort you and help you overcome your stress, we strongly advise you to adopt a small pet. In addition, the affection and comfort that it will bring you, you will feel very proud to have helped to improve the life of a small innocent creature.