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It Is Absolutely Necessary To Let Babies Walk Barefoot, It Is Very Good For Their Health

It Is Absolutely Necessary To Let Babies Walk Barefoot, It Is Very Good For Their Health

Any self-respecting parent would want to protect their baby at all costs and ensure that no harm reaches them under any circumstances. Such attention also extends to choosing good clothes according to the weather and the type of shoes to wear, a topic that is still relevant for parents. But according to a study, they are not obliged to keep the feet of their babies wrapped in shoes or socks, let's see why!

Why is a baby walking barefoot so important?
The person who could answer this question would be Dr. Kacie Flegal, a chiropractor and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association. She explains that there are two sensory systems, the proprioceptive and the vestibular, which are extremely important but often neglected. According to her, walking barefoot effectively contributes to the development of these devices and is likely to increase the different brain functions.

This is explained by the fact that the correct and complete development of these two systems requires exposing them to sensory information directly from the outside world. For example, when we wear shoes for long periods of time, our feet that are connected to several sensory cells are not stimulated at all. But walking barefoot is able to increase the neuromuscular strength, promote the development of brain centers and improve balance.

Caution that may limit a baby's potential
"Of course, when our children play in harsh or cold environments, we always feel the need to protect them and keep them out of harm's way, but all it takes is a little common sense, a bit of grass, earth or wet leaves to encourage your baby to discover what it means to stumble while being barefoot ... In this way, you offer him an excellent platform for the development of his superior brain centers responsible for emotional control, language, social skills , problem solving and self-insurance. Says Dr. Flegal.

You will certainly not leave your baby barefoot anywhere or under any conditions, just realize that situations where you can let your baby play freely without socks or shoes are not lacking, you just have to find your marks.

Despite the fact that such a recommendation is primarily intended for babies or growing children, remember that it also applies to adults. Therefore, if you have problems with spatial reasoning, balance or coordination, walking barefoot could help you a lot.

Tenderness acts also help develop your child's intelligence
Dr. Nathalie Maitre, a pediatric expert, explains how physical contact with the baby, such as rocking and holding it, can have a significant impact on brain development. This would allow the baby to receive positive support from the parents, which is why they should not neglect any opportunity to have skin-to-skin contact with their young.

Since these small daily physical interactions play a crucial role in a child's cerebral, emotional, and social development, their absence may forever mark his temperament, his relationship to others, and his degree of receptivity to what is going on around him. A sad reality that could be noticed in children taken care of by orphanages and deprived of the heat of their home and family for several reasons.

Do not forget to be as close as possible to your baby while letting him experience contact with the outside world and with nature! This will only make it smarter!
It Is Absolutely Necessary To Let Babies Walk Barefoot, It Is Very Good For Their Health