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This Ancient Tibetan Test Will Reveal Your True Personality

This Ancient Tibetan Test Will Reveal Your True Personality

With this test of only a few minutes, you will be able to discover your true nature. You will understand what are the values that drive you deep within you. Discover through your Freudian Superego, his morals and the Ca that represents the unconscious pleasures what is the balance found in your life.

Get ready to dive into the subconscious world where the supernatural and that take over the self. This Tibetan quiz will reveal the truest version of yourself and your being.

Better understand Tibet
At the heart of the debates for decades, this small country is known for the presence of Tibetan monks and Dalai Lama supporters of peace and love of others. Buddhism is a religion or philosophy of life that goes back to the fifth century before Christ. It is then dissociated from the power in place with a spiritual guide and a state protector. In France, there are an estimated 5 million Buddhist sympathizers with a marked increase since the 1970s. Mandalas or tantric practices, for example, are found in everyday life.

The basic of Buddhist philosophy
Meditation at any age is the best-known tool of Buddhist philosophy. It allows us to reduce ourselves to the present moment and to ignore his daily worries. It's a moment of inner peace. Meditation makes it possible to refocus and not to scatter anymore. This personal work is a prelude to the proper understanding of oneself and one's place in the world.

The Quiz
When answering each of the questions below, remember to base your answers on intuition rather than looking for a logical answer. Browse each question with ease, choosing the first answer that comes your way. Take a pen and paper, and we can start!

Question 1 - Using your imagination, imagine five animals in front of you:
You see a tiger, a cow, a sheep, a pig and a horse. Now align them in front of you in the order you prefer. Try not to take too much time; just write the order you feel best for them.

Question 2 - Complete each of the sentences below using an adjective for each name:
A dog is ________
A cat is ________.
A rat is ________.
The coffee is _______.
The sea is _______.

Question 3 - Imagine five people who are important in your life
Then choose a color for each person from the colors below. Use your intuition and your instinct.

Yellow // Orange // Red // White // Green


So, what does all this mean for you?

Question 1 - How do you define your priorities
  • Cow - Career / Tiger - Self-worth / Sheep - Love / Horse - Family
  • Pig - Silver

Question 2 - Your attitudes towards life
  • Dog - Your personality / Cat - The personality of your partner
  • Rat - The personality of your enemies / Coffee - Your opinions about sex
  • Sea - Your life in general

Question 3 - Your attitudes towards others
  • Yellow - Someone who has had a major impact on your life
  • Orange - Someone you think is a real friend
  • Red - Someone you love with all your heart
  • White - Your related mind
  • Green - A person you will not forget

Did this Tibetan quiz show you something about your deep being that you did not already know? Buddha has inspired many philosophical thoughts by offering a vision of happiness through compassion and wisdom. Share this test with your friends and family and have fun comparing your results. You can also try another one.
This Ancient Tibetan Test Will Reveal Your True Personality