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5 Attitudes Of Parents That Prove That They Spoil Their Children Too Much

5 Attitudes Of Parents That Prove That They Spoil Their Children Too Much

Educating your child is not always easy. Parents do not know if they need to show authority or laxity or how to combine the two. In some cases, the choice of education may be a problem within the couple, so dialogue and agreement will be necessary.

The role of parents in the education of children is of crucial importance because they teach them from an early age the first values that will enable them to become the adults of tomorrow.

Also, children will be shaped by the education received and will adopt the behaviors that will define their way of being and their future outlook. If you are feeling apprehensive about your child's future, ask yourself questions about how you are educating him / her.

Here is a list of parenting attitudes that will tell you what level of education you are in, and whether you are doing the right thing or the wrong way to educate your child.

1. Do you feel constantly guilty towards your child?
It is true that the responsibility in the daily life that most parents have, prevents them from being often present alongside their children but is it a reason to feel guilty. The answer is no. If you feel guilty, you will tend to pamper your child with multiple gifts every time you come home and you will have trouble setting limits. The ideal is to teach your child the meaning of the word responsibility by showing him the example and explaining the reason for your multiple absences.

2. Do you juggle often between "yes" and "no"?
Constantly changing your mind about the rules may encourage your child to understand that the limits imposed may be violated. However, the discipline is de rigueur and the rules must be constantly applied. If not, opt for a firm discussion or a light punishment in order to call him to order.

3. Do you run to help your child with every problem?
What's more normal than a parent who helps his child when he encounters problems or complications in his life. However, it would not be normal for you to rush to help even for trivial and trivial things; a dependency is quickly installed and it will always be difficult to take in hand, alone, once grown-up. Encourage your child to be courageous and determined and teach him perseverance so that he can find all the answers and solutions to his problem by himself.

4. Do you give him everything he wants?
Providing for your child does not mean giving unlimited gifts to the slightest desire. By doing so, he will never understand the value of things in life or the price of sacrifice to acquire them.

5. Do you often find that your child is perfect?
To pretext the age of your child and to excuse him for all the stupidities which he commits is a monumental mistake in education. By doing so, you are depriving your child of maturity and correcting mistakes and bad behavior. It would be wise to reinforce appropriate attitudes that will make him a responsible and well-educated person.

The basics of a child's education
It is important for a child to learn the basics of education that will make him a polite and respectful person in the future. Also, it would be important for him to learn how to say thank you every time you give him something, to sit well at the table and not to speak out loud, to not be rude and not to use inappropriate words. . Likewise, he must learn to respect the queue and always be honest in all circumstances. It would also be important to teach him to do good around him and show empathy and compassion.

In addition, stimulate your child's curiosity by encouraging them to take an interest in culture and develop their intellectual abilities. Push him to participate with you in household chores and DIY to develop his resourceful side.

Be affectionate with your child, develop his sense of activity and responsibility. Be persistent if your child is not perfect, surround him and accompany him in his way of life by instilling in him the good values and give him all the love he needs, he will return it to you and will make you feel proud of him.
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