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This Autistic Boy Was Banned From Class Photo, He Now Poses For Big Brands

This Autistic Boy Was Banned From Class Photo, He Now Poses For Big Brands

This Autistic Boy Was Banned From Class Photo, He Now Poses For Big Brands

Autism is an irreversible neurological condition or "neurodevelopmental condition" affecting the immune and biological systems and the functioning of the brain. This pathology is characterized by alterations in behavior, communication and social interactions. The phrase "take revenge" will never be as meaningful as with this 11-year-old Briton named Alfie Aldridge who has autism.

Difficulties to socialize at school
Indeed, Alfie, who had been ousted from his class picture and had not even been able to play in his school's end-of-the-year play because of his difficult behavior and ability to socialize in groups. due to his autism, is now one of the new muses of the brand H & M Child and River Island.

His father, Gary, assumes that his elementary school did not have the ability to accommodate children with autism after the school announced that Alfie could not take part in plays or be caught Photo.

But against all odds, after being accepted into a specialized school, Alfie was able to unveil himself and discover a passion for modeling.

Revelation for modeling
Little by little, Alfie was able to shoot with a professional in the modeling industry and was spotted by Zebedee management, a modeling agency that represents and promotes people with disabilities and hopes to remove the stigma associated with disabilities. . This agency even allowed a 7-year-old girl with Down's name Grace to realize her dream as a supermodel.

Since then, and thanks to his perseverance and his taste for modeling, Alfie has been able to win contracts with prestigious and prestigious brands such as River Island and H & M and dreams of being able to prosper in this new adventure.

What is autism?
Autism has been considered since 1996 as a handicap in France. They occur most often in infancy, before the age of three, and endure throughout life and are part of what is more commonly known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Clearly, autism is not a psychiatric illness as one might think, but rather a neurobiological dysfunction characterized by an early disorder of brain development particularly altering the formation of neuronal connections.

Autism spectrum disorders are singled out by alterations in social interactions, behavioral disorders, and language and communication disorders.

Apart from a potential genetic predisposition favoring the onset of autism spectrum disorders and still requiring advanced scientific research, two other scientific approaches are infinitely associated with the onset of autism, such as environmental factors. and the neurobiological approach.

Behavioral characteristics imply real social difficulties and a tendency to social passivity and sometimes extreme isolation. In an autistic child or adult, an unexpected or confusing situation can provoke in a defensive response, a reaction of panic, anger or aggression. These people, who often seem indifferent to the external environment, may, paradoxically, be excessively sensitive to it.

There is still no preventive treatment available today to treat autism. Nevertheless, early management has shown that it is possible to reduce behavior and language disorders.

Reception system for autism in schools
In France, national education hosted more than 30,000 autistic children from kindergarten to high school in 2016; 10,034 children in kindergarten, 12,894 in elementary school, 7,543 in high school, 1,158 in high school, 1,179 in vocational high school.

This system is part of the law of February 11, 2005 and more recently of the law of refoundation of the school that guarantee inclusive education and continuity of a course adapted to the skills and needs of each student who must be exercised in an appropriate educational setting.

If schools are to enroll students with the autism spectrum, they should still have the human, educational and financial capacities and resources to design and integrate a process of support, learning and learning. education of autistic students and all this, taking into account the singularity that characterizes this pathology inducing real social difficulties.

As for Alfie, there is no doubt that he will be able to perpetuate his passion and make it a real success story by demonstrating whether or not anyone can use his full potential to achieve his dreams.