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12 Beautiful Decorating Ideas With Blocks For Your Home

12 Beautiful Decorating Ideas With Blocks For Your Home

12 Beautiful Decorating Ideas With Blocks For Your Home

There are many areas where creativity is welcome, that of decoration is obviously part of it. And it is also true that we often want to change the appearance of our house by weariness or just to make it a comfortable place where life is good, except that when the budget does not help, we look for alternatives . Here is a surprising one!

Cinder blocks may look unsightly and far from pleasant to look at, in their raw state yes, but when you see how some people have used them for purely decorative purposes you will be amazed. These people have managed to find a simple, economical and aesthetic solution to decorate the aspect of their home with a personal and original touch.

1 - Custom planters
To make your own personalized planters, you only need to use stencils to print patterns on the blocks and then plant flowers. You are free to choose the colors and the layout that suits you best!

2 - Economic Office
To create an office that is both contemporary and aesthetic, simply lay 4 blocks of blocks on each side before placing a wooden board over it. What is even more awesome with this idea of decoration is that it is perfectly adaptable to the surface of the room.

3 - Outdoor Bench
You have no need to spend large amounts of money on the outside space of your home so you can create your own for a lot less money. A tutorial to know the steps to follow to mount this bench is available here.

4 - Storage Bench
Just by stacking two rows of breeze blocks and putting a cushion over it, you can get an excellent storage bench. You can then store your shoes and sit on it while you put them on.

5 - Fireplace
Is not it more pleasant to enjoy a good fire during the summer nights around your own home? If you like, know that such a method allows you to build one in a simple and economical way.

6 - Bedside table
If you want to add a touch of originality to your bedroom, the concept of this bedside table could then quite seduce you. All you need to do is stack some blocks. The aesthetic result will really be up to par, not to mention the potential of storage that can be interesting.

7 - TV stand
To make your own TV stand or entertainment center, simply stack a few blocks and wooden planks and you're done!

8 - A Vase
Can a vase made of cinderblock really be charming? The answer is yes ! Because you can paint it according to the patterns and colors that suit your tastes. Moreover, it is very simple to achieve.

9 - Outdoor stairs
If you want to be able to circulate in a more practical and simple way in your outdoor space, why not build your own stairs in blocks? The method is simple, just follow the steps.

10 - Garden bar
By stacking a few columns of blocks and fixing a wooden board on top, you can have a garden bar adapted in addition to being aesthetic. It is very advisable to paint the blocks so that everything looks better.

11 - Party decor
Imagine all the possibilities of decorations with this piece of furniture composed of blocks. For example, you can put small candles and pumpkins for Halloween, or garlands and pine cones for Christmas.

12 - Outdoor stove
It may look rough but be aware that if you need it, you can set up an outdoor stove using breeze blocks and some other materials. The manufacturing method is very simple.