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Choose A Feather And Discover Your Most Hidden Desires

Choose A Feather And Discover Your Most Hidden Desires

Choose A Feather And Discover Your Most Hidden Desires

It is clear that our choices and decisions most often determine our character and our personality. Moreover, the choices of the moment are revealing of our state of mind, our perception and our desires in life. This is what we will try to discover through this feather test.

It is not without reason that psychoanalysts have located desire, in the depths of our being. In his collection "Cinq Psychanalyses", Freud made it clear that "the man who succeeds is the one who manages to transform the fantasies of desire into reality". For his part, Michel Lejoyeux, professor of psychiatry and author of "Awaken your desires" attests in turn that the absence of desire generates an existential emptiness and gives meaning to the life of everyone.

Also, to know what you want and your personal desire buried in your inner, this test will be your guide. The image has five different feathers but unique and revealing meaning. Just choose the first pen that catches your eye without really thinking about it and you will discover with astonishment, your deepest desires.

Feather 1 - Looking for stability in life
The choice of this feather reflects the state of fatigue in which you bathe and which is due to hours of hard work without sleep, without actually reaching the desired result. You aspire to stability, calm, tranquility and the search for your inner self.

Feather 2 - You want to introduce color into your life
By choosing this feather, you denote the need to embellish your life with colors and joys. So far your life is full of blues and you no longer want to feel this negativity or be surrounded by toxic people. You need renewal, creativity and daring.

Feather 3 - You want simplicity
If you have chosen this feather then it means that you are caught in the complex gear of life that is beyond you as you yearn for calm and peace of mind. You want your life to be simple without any lies, betrayal or manipulation. This simple and elegant pen really reflects your state of mind.

Feather 4- You need Focus
The choice of this pen denotes that your mind is scattered and unable to concentrate. As much, it is easy for you to launch projects, as much it is difficult for you to finish them. By choosing this feather you show your need to manifest more concentration in your everyday life.

Feather 5 - You seek change and variety in your life
You chose this feather? So you are trapped in your usual routine and you can not bring change and renewal to get out of it. You have a strong need to vary your pleasures, your activities or your entertainment. The changing designs and variety of colors in this pen reflect your desire to bring more transformation and renewal into your life.