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10 Dangerous "Fake News" On Health

10 Dangerous "Fake News" On Health

It is obvious that we all aspire to maintain our health in good condition or to improve it. To do this, there are a number of dietary rules and lifestyle hygiene in general that we strive, as much as possible, to respect the letter.

These "good habits", so widespread today that they have become downright basic, are firmly rooted in everyone's mind, so much so that it would not come to us to question them. . Firmly convinced of their immense benefits to our health, we adopt them mechanically while being, moreover, fully satisfied to have acted as it should be.

But if all that was just a lie? Would the commonly accepted information not simply be the result of influence, or even manipulation on a large scale, orchestrated and constantly fueled by the powerful agribusiness, pharmaceutical, mass distribution and media lobbies?

It seems that yes, alas! Some of these elementary rules, supposedly beneficial, are radically to be removed from our way of life because they are dangerous; we must be fully aware of it! Revelations will come, evidence to support, shake forever our beliefs and demolish received ideas. Here are some of the most controversial "Fake News" today a dossier made by our colleagues at Santé Nature Innovation.

1 - Morning orange juice is good for health
This information is false and even dangerous. The findings of a study by the prestigious Harvard University - excuse the little - unveil this misconception, yet largely endorsed. They reveal that fruit juices contain at least as much sugar as soft drinks. Their consumption would therefore favor several diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and even certain cancers.

2 - The whole bread is very good for the health
This commonly accepted statement should be taken with caution. Contrary to what one might think, the glycemic rate is very high in wholegrain bread, just like white bread. Its consumption provides more calories than nutrients.

3 - A dairy product with each meal
The recommendations of the National Health Nutrition Plan can not be clearer; a dairy product at each meal would promote growth and strengthen our bones.

The false information par excellence! Cow's milk is simply not adapted to our metabolism!

However, the misconception about its multiple supposed benefits on health is peddled by a propaganda instrumented voluntarily by the public authorities themselves. The reason is simple: to be in the good graces of the powerful lobby formed by the professionals of the sector.

The manufacture of dairy products represents a major part of the industry and overproduction has always been encouraged. It was therefore necessary to use every possible means to find outlets for these products. And what better solution than to encourage at all costs overconsumption by an uninterrupted advertising hype!

4 - Avoid eggs, high in cholesterol
The egg is a natural food that is full of health benefits because healthy and complete.
It has great nutritional value and is a great source of protein, essential amino acids and vitamins.

The misconception that it would be dangerous for health because of its high cholesterol is ineptitude. Dietary cholesterol intake has little effect on the level of cholesterol in the blood.

On the other hand, eggs undoubtedly have certain health benefits. A Harvard study even revealed that regular consumption would significantly reduce the risk of diabetes.

5 - It is essential to consume less fat!
Again, this is a misinformation, tirelessly rehashing by advertisements. Fat hunting in general is an aberration in itself since there are foods rich in good fats and therefore beneficial for our body. Nuts, oily fish, dark chocolate, avocado, olives or coconut are among them.

6 - Starchy foods with each meal
Starchy foods are a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals and are essential for providing the body with the energy it needs to function properly.
But the fear that they promote weight gain is justified. Indeed, they are very rich in carbohydrates, and that's where the rub is because it is mainly sugar.
In addition, starchy foods can cause diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and even some cancers.

7 - A gluten-free diet is dangerous
False! Gluten is absolutely not dangerous to our health. It would even help to prevent certain diseases.

The fact is that many gluten-free products sometimes contain too much additives and may be low in fiber and protein, but this should in no way incriminate gluten.

8 - Exposure to the sun causes cancer
Sun exposure has multiple benefits compared to its potentially harmful effects.
Studies of the most serious prove that under the action of UV, the skin produces and replenishes vitamin D, excellent shield against several types of cancers and other diseases.

9 - Nutritional supplements are useless
Inaccurate! Scientific studies are formal! The clinical effectiveness of nutritional supplements is proven and their prescription is highly recommended, especially for the elderly.
It is therefore essential to use it when the daily diet to cover the needs of the body is insufficient.

10 - Eat a little bit of everything is essential
Rengaine often repeated and perfectly commendable if we mean by that a reasoned and balanced diversification of our food.
But when the supply of nutrients gives way to the calories contained in a plethora of processed products, we irremediably switch to a poor food hygiene, dangerous for our health.

Here are some of the most popular "Fake News". The list is certainly not exhaustive, hence the need to inform themselves intelligently and avoid falling into the traps deliberately strained by lobbies who find their only interest.

Vigilance is therefore required, nowadays more than ever!
10 Dangerous "Fake News" On Health