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Doctor Asks Terminally Ill Children What’s Important In Life, And Their Answers Will Make You Think

Doctor Asks Terminally Ill Children What’s Important In Life, And Their Answers Will Make You Think

Life is a real school that can teach us a lot of things thanks to the many positive or negative experiences it faces us. And often it is said that older people hold more wisdom and knowledge than others. Yet, there are children who can say words so wise and truthful that it is hard to believe that they come out of their mouths. Take the example of these children with life-threatening illnesses who shared with this doctor the things they consider to be the most important in life.

Contrary to what some people may believe, in life, it is not the one who has lived the longest who necessarily has the most experiences. Some trials can turn even the youngest children into people who are full of wisdom and common sense. And if you do not believe it, you must absolutely discover the poignant testimonies of these children with fatal diseases to which a doctor asked what were the most important things in life.

1- Do not waste your time on social networks:
While other kids are always concerned about playing on their shelves, and their mobile phones, none of the kids surveyed mentioned the Internet as one of the most important things in life. Despite their very young age, these children have come to understand that interactions with the people we love matter most in life.

2- Surround yourself with animals and take care of them:
Many children mentioned that it is their pets that help beautify their lives. Some said they liked the sounds they make, while others said they felt happy when they played with them.

3- Take care of your parents, and be kind to them:
"God will take care of my parents when I leave ..." Or "I hope mom will feel better, she looks sad ...". Poignant words that show us how much these innocent little creatures love their parents.

4- Make yourself happy from time to time:
Like other children their age, these children with fatal diseases have all said they like to eat ice cream. Unfortunately, because of their illnesses, some of them will never be able to enjoy it again ...

5- Read books, and give free rein to your imagination:
The children interviewed all said they loved reading books and listening to the stories their parents tell. This allows them to build their dreams, and imagine a whole bunch of beautiful things.

6- Do not care what others think about you:
"My true friends did not even notice that I was losing my hair ..." The children interviewed by the doctor all said they regret having lost time worrying about what others thought of them. They also said that they appreciate people who behave in a normal way with them.

7- Enjoy the beach, it will make you happy:
Many of the children with life-threatening illnesses claimed that the beach was one of the most beautiful things in life, that they loved going to the sea, and that they feel very happy when they go there with their parents. And when we see all the benefits that the beach can bring us both physically and mentally, we realize that these children are really not wrong!

8- Be kind and caring with others:
"Johnny shared his sandwich with me, when he saw that I did not want to eat mine" Or again "I like when this friendly nurse takes care of me, she is sweet, and it hurts less ...". Gestures that seem quite ordinary, and not really important for some, and yet provide great joy to these little children.

9- Laugh, it's a therapy:
All the children interviewed revealed that they love to laugh, and that they particularly like the people who manage to make them laugh. Humor represents for them, a real therapy that alleviates their pain, and allows them to forget their diseases.

10- Have fun:
Toys and fun are some of the things mentioned by the children interviewed. They said they love their toys, and it's always fun to have fun playing with others. Know that even if you are an adult, you must learn to put yourself in the shoes of a carefree and happy child so you can free yourself from the stress and tension that pervades your mind.

11- Spend more time with your family:
With the vagaries of life, and all our daily concerns, we often tend to neglect our family, and not to give enough affection to the people who matter to us. But these children with fatal illnesses already know that family is one of the most important things in life, and we must never forget to remind our loved ones how much we love them.
Doctor Asks Terminally Ill Children What’s Important In Life, And Their Answers Will Make You Think