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An Easy Trick To Quickly Remove Stubborn Grease From Pots And Pans

An Easy Trick To Quickly Remove Stubborn Grease From Pots And Pans

Tired of spending hours cleaning, especially trying to clean burnt or greasy pans? Do you dream of having more free time to spend with your family? This dream can now become a reality, it is enough to have good strings to his bow! Today we present you with an easy trick to get rid of the accumulated fat on your dishes.

When cooking, simply follow the two golden rules of cleanliness: do not dirty and clean regularly. But with all the daily household chores, we are not necessarily in time to apply these rules! It is only after several uses that we realize that pots and pans lack of shine and need cleaning, so here is how to remedy this very distressing problem!

This recipe will allow you to prepare a wonderful natural cleaning product to make a frying pan shine for example, even if it is covered with several years old grease.

The ingredients of the recipe:
  • 100 g of sodium carbonate.
  • 100 g dry mustard.

The above proportions are suitable for 5 liters of water.

How to use:
Before you start, make sure to wear gloves, preferably heat resistant. Pour the five liters of water into a large saucepan or pot and bring to a boil. The container should be big enough and enough to deceive the pan that needs to be cleaned.

Add all the ingredients in the water and let it simmer, without turning off the heat, immerse the greasy dishes in the liquid and leave it for a moment. If there are plastic handles on the pan, remove them in advance to prevent them from melting.

Remove the pan from the container and wait for it to cool down, then rub gently with a sponge, and everything disappears as if by magic!

Ingredient properties
Sodium carbonate is a natural and economical product that has many uses, it is a product that has a high pH in concentrated solutions. Baking soda is a key component of laundry soaps and other household cleaners, it combines sodium (Na), hydrogen (H), carbon (C) and oxygen (O) which can easily remove stubborn grease and stains on clothes, utensils, floors and other surfaces. It is also used as a cleaning agent to remove dirt stuck on silver and glass objects.

Dry mustard is a finely ground mustard seed that is less popular than ordinary mustard and comes from three species of mustard, including yellow, brown and black. It has excellent fat dissolving properties thanks to its strong antiseptic and antioxidant capabilities. It is therefore a powerful cleaner against fat, but this product also has health benefits.

Awesome, is not it? Do not hesitate to apply this trick on your dishes, and especially share the recipe with your friends!
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