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Sometimes Our Ex Is Sent Back Into Our Lives As A Test To See If We Are Still So Stupid

Sometimes Our Ex Is Sent Back Into Our Lives As A Test To See If We Are Still So Stupid

Getting back with your ex, is it a good idea? Most of us will probably face this dilemma someday in life. After a great emotional and mental struggle and after mourning this relationship, here we are again, reliving the same story at the risk of being disappointed and grieved again.

We ask ourselves a thousand questions and wonder if it's really worth trying again; is this person back by sincerity and love or sent by the universe to test our ability to learn the lessons of life?

Perhaps the best way to get around a new suffering is to leave the past behind and look to the future, which will certainly be promising. However, there are certain factors that keep us in a relationship of the past, such as loneliness, lack of affection and love, or lack of self-confidence and the future.

Anyway, it is essential to think carefully to plunge into a new relationship with his ex, which will probably doomed to failure and here's why:

1 - Your ex did not keep his commitments with you when you were together.
Engaging in a relationship is synonymous with love and attachment and if a person is keen to keep you in their life, they will manifest the desire for a stable and lasting life with you, which was not the case with your ex. Do you think this person has changed? If so, put it before the fait accompli so that it will take the plunge, if not run away before a new tragedy occurs in your life.

2 - You never made the point on what was missing
Now that you have had time to think about your situation, ask yourself the right questions: what was missing in your relationship? Was happiness part of your daily life? Do you get the attention you deserve? Know that you deserve love, laughter and respect, do not underestimate yourself.

3 - You associate your need of affection with the love of your ex
It may be that you feel the desire to reconnect with your ex because the time of your celibacy has been long and your desire for love and affection has taken over. Yes, you deserve love but a sincere love; it is important to know that there are relationships that are not made to work.

4 - Has this person really changed?
Although psychologists agree that a person can change if she wants to, there is a chance that she will make you believe what you want to hear. Once she regains your confidence, she will not hesitate to disappoint you once again. Know that actions are more important than words.

5 - This person has broken your trust in the past
If this person has broken your trust in the past, it would be necessary to think carefully about it. Did she really become aware of her mistake? Did she apologize? Is it trying to remedy the situation? If this is not the case, do not waste your time.

6 - Evacuate your emotional pain before starting any relationship
The emotional pain and pain, if they are not healed, will remain as a wound, certainly healed but which will always hurt. The best is to remain alone in order to find oneself and to recharge oneself but especially to love oneself so as to be able to love again. Your person is what matters most and your well-being should be your priority.

7 - We must not forget the reason for your break
It is essential to become aware of the reason for your breakup, which undeniably has an importance, otherwise you would not have broken. Was the cause minor or major? Following this, it would be desirable to know if it will not be renewed, otherwise you risk again, an emotional suffering that you really do not need. The smartest would be to move away and turn to a healthier relationship that will bring joy and harmony into your life.
Sometimes our ex is sent back into our lives as a test to see if we are still so stupid