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The First Floating Tent In The World Will Make You Want To Camp In The Water

The First Floating Tent In The World Will Make You Want To Camp In The Water

We are all convinced that nature is the best. Its landscapes, its elements, its fauna and flora are essential to our well-being and our health. Unfortunately, our increasingly urbanized lives and our professional imperatives are gradually moving away from us, to the point where spending time in nature has almost become a luxury. This is how SmithFly proposes a simple and accessible solution for those who want to recharge their batteries at least for a weekend: a new way to camp in a floating tent.

The Shoal tent, the first floating tent in the world
Designed by SmithFly based in Ohio, USA, and launched in October 2017, the Shoal tent is the first of its kind in the world. Halfway between tent and raft, it can camp on any body of water; from the lake to the sea via the river, the shoreline is no longer a limit.

An innovative design
The Shoal tent has an inflatable structure and is covered with a robust fabric with velcro closures and zippers.

The tent is a little less than three meters wide and is spacious enough for a 1m85 person to lie down comfortably and stand up. When at its price, it amounts to 1,499$ or nearly 1,300$.

A great success
Videos featuring the Shoal tent on Facebook totaled more than 20 million views. As for sales, they have soared up to three times the estimates of Ethan Smith, the founder of the company, which states on this subject: "I just thought that I would launch it on the market and that s' there were some interested people, I would sell a little ".

With this new kind of tent, campers will now be able to sleep between the sky and the water, an original peculiarity that will surely encourage more people to spend more time in contact with nature, and which gives one more positive point to the campsite. already has immense health benefits as well as well-being.

The advantages of outdoor camping

What better way to enjoy contact with nature than to camp outdoors?

Here are some of the many benefits you get when camping in nature.

You enjoy a fresh and pure air
Whether you camp in the countryside, in the mountains or in the forest, the air is fresh and pure. You find yourself surrounded by trees that release a lot of oxygen. But it goes without saying that breathing such air improves the functioning of your brain and that it causes a real feeling of happiness from the first puff.

You strengthen ties with your loved ones
The camping experience with family or friends is unique and really special. It will allow you to spend together unforgettable moments. You will get closer to each other and your links will be narrowed.

A better mood
Sunlight, the starry sky, trees and flowers, the fascinating beauty of the landscape, the view of the horizon and the soothing calm of the silent life around you are all things that will make you feel better. and more joyous. All of this will also help you relax and raise your energy levels.

Physical exercise
When we go camping, it is not the majority of our time that we spend outside, it is its entirety. Being out all day hiking, fishing, swimming and other activities is incredibly beneficial to your health and well-being.

Better sleep
When camping, you spend time outside, under the sun, you breathe fresh air, your days are well filled and you enjoy the calm of nature. In such conditions, it is not surprising that the quality of your sleep improves. You fall asleep earlier, more easily and your sleep is deeper.
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