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This Girl Claims To Be 6 Months Pregnant, But No One Believes Her By Seeing Her Belly

This Girl Claims To Be 6 Months Pregnant, But No One Believes Her By Seeing Her Belly

Reanna Stephens, an 18-year-old American teenager, has been taunted and harassed about her pseudo-maternity, which is marked by an almost flat belly at 6 months of pregnancy. She shares her story to show others that pregnant women can be different while staying healthy.

This girl claims to be 6 months pregnant

Pregnancy or simulation?
Reanna, a 18-year-old teenager and 6-month-old pregnant, says she has had many hurtful comments about her almost flat belly since her near and distant relatives know about her pregnancy.

Reanna felt compelled to justify the fact that she was indeed pregnant by sharing clichés revealing the evolution of her pregnancy and that it would sensitize others and pregnant women to all the peculiarities of a pregnancy that may differ according to women, body size, diet or metabolism. She explained that she was forced to speak publicly after simple strangers made a number of extremely hurtful comments about her assuming her pregnancy was simulated.

She says it's a combination of her vegetarian diet and lifestyle that involves yoga and cardio exercises that have kept her almost flat at 6 months of pregnancy.

She goes so far as to say that her baby grows every month and enjoys a completely natural development, and that her flat stomach is in no way connected to the health of this one or hers.

This girl claims to be 6 months pregnant

Pregnancy and absence of belly
Small, big, round or narrow, each belly of a pregnant woman is one of a kind. As a rule, it is only from the 10th week of pregnancy that the belly begins to slightly round. In some cases, this may last until the 19th week of pregnancy.

But of course, as for all, there are peculiarities, in some pregnant women 6 months, one might believe that they will soon give birth, while for other pregnant women of the same stage, we can barely notice that they are pregnant.

Various factors can intervene, such as the physical form of the mother, her lifestyle, her height, her weight, her posture or even the position of the baby who can have more room to develop; so it occupies the abdomen in its width which means why the belly does not take a round shape forward ... It depends!

But this last factor, as we have seen in another aspect with Reanna, can cause unhelpful concerns among future mothers. They may feel a certain disappointment to the extent that the belly represents the strong sign of motherhood and the omen that everything is going well.

This girl claims to be 6 months pregnant

Pregnancy and vegetarian diet
Whether in our daily lives or as part of a pregnancy, it is necessary to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. As is the case with Reanna, some pregnant women resort to a vegetarian diet that is not incompatible with their pregnancy, even though certain nutrients excluded from the vegetarian diet are necessary for the proper development of a fetus.

It is however possible to reconcile pregnancy and vegetarian diet and avoid any deficiency in the mother and the child by replacing excluded foods such as fish or meat, eggs, dairy, cereals and legumes rich in vitamins , essential fatty acids and proteins.

It's all about eating calcium-rich foods like sardines and almonds, and vitamin B9 such as spinach or salad along with vitamin C-rich fruits for iron absorption.

In any case, it is essential to inform your doctor of any change or modification of eating habits that occurs during a pregnancy so that the latter adapts its follow-up and recommendations to the case of each pregnant woman, who, in short, are all different.