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7 Good Reasons Why Farting Is Healthy!

7 Good Reasons Why Farting Is Healthy!

Farting has a rather negative connotation in our current societies since it is seen as an act of rudeness that one should never show in the presence of others. But the fact is that a fart is not always controllable and that according to the doctors, it is better not to try to retain it. So from there, according to them this rule of propriety should soon change.

The fart or flatulence is a process by which the body evacuates the gases resulting from the fermentation of ingested food and which often accumulate in the intestines. Professionals in the medical field say clearly that they should not be withheld for several reasons:

These are great ways to warn
Nobody can definitively dispense with farting since the body needs it. In addition, these gases are an important indicator for our state of health, some can be precursors of more than one dysfunction. If farts are both very common and odorous or have unusual pain, talk to your doctor because it may be something much more serious.

They can significantly reduce bloating
Following a large meal, the excess water stored in the intestines eventually generates the accumulation of gas. So you have to free them to feel better and to put on your pants or skirts a little easier.

The smell of farts is beneficial
Several studies have shown that feeling your own farts has tremendous benefits for your body. This can be explained by the fact that a fart contains components that can protect against harmful diseases, such as hydrogen sulphide, which gives a characteristic odor similar to that of rotten eggs to certain gases. It is indeed a chemical substance that is toxic in large quantities, but in small doses, it protects the cells of the body and helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.

They can help you find out what your body needs most
A fart can draw your attention to what's missing in your diet. It can have different smells that tell you if you eat a lot of foods of a certain type or if you do not eat enough. For example, having very little flatulence means that your diet is low in fiber, in this case, you have to turn to high-fiber foods such as whole grains, green vegetables or lentils. On the other hand, excessive consumption of red meat is usually the cause of a bad smell, which indicates at the same time that you should reduce your consumption of this meat!

They indicate the presence of healthy bacteria
Thinner people usually have flatulence more often than others because they eat more healthily and therefore consume more fiber, fruits and vegetables that actively help to improve the digestive process. Such a diet makes the bacteria in your intestines work harder, so does the digestive tract. And that's what can lead to more gas accumulation.

They keep the intestines in good condition
It is not advisable to keep your gas inside the intestines because the activity of the latter can be largely affected without forgetting the pain that can result from such abstention. So relax and let your body free from these gases.

They provide a feeling of well-being
This is the last argument and by far the most obvious. Tell yourself that farting makes you feel better and in addition to all that you have just learned you have every reason not to hold back your farts!