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Having Strict Parents Helps To Succeed In Life According To The Experts

Having Strict Parents Helps To Succeed In Life According To The Experts

Many of us, girls and boys, were harassed day and night by their parents over a lot of things and we often hated hearing the same things all the time. But reading this, it is likely that we thank them for always being there to remind us of these things, at least that is what this study suggests at the University of Essex in the UK.

What kind of studies could this be?
The study concerned the observation of 15,770 girls over a period of six years from the age of 13-14 years. It was inferred that "higher parental expectations" clearly helped to significantly lower the risk of premature pregnancy among these adolescents while increasing the chances that these same girls would eventually enter higher education institutions.

But the researchers did not stop at this conclusion because they also noticed that the behavior that these parents had towards their daughters had contributed effectively to the improvement of their school results even if they were not particularly brilliant in their studies. the base.

Dr. Ericka Rascon-Ramirez, Research Manager says that despite all the efforts we could make to avoid or contradict the recommendations of our parents, it is still very likely that they will, in a way or another, even subtly influenced by the decisions we had always considered extremely personal.

Highlighting the role parents play in our lives
Dr. Rascon-ramirez adds: "Our parents' expectations of us were most likely a determining factor when it came to whether or not to have a child during adolescence. "

This simply means that the more mothers pushed their daughters to have a good school curriculum and to succeed in everything they did, the less likely they were to experience certain problems such as premature pregnancy, unemployment or school dropout.

What is important about this study is that there is no harm in putting some pressure on your daughter to push her to succeed academically and to become aware of some of the responsibilities of the school. life. Knowing that it will also help him make the right decisions and be autonomous in his way of doing things and seeing things. However, do not forget to highlight its potential, celebrate its successes and always insist that a job done with heart always deserves to be rewarded as it should.

Better frame the parent-child relationship
So the next time you hesitate to remind your daughter of her duties or obligations, do not hesitate because by doing this, you will increase her chances of succeeding in life and be someone autonomous and responsible in near future.

Just try not to be too harsh by choosing the right approach based on your daughter's temperament and the context in which you choose to engage the discussion. In a parent-child relationship, one must be able to maintain a balance between authority and proximity. So you can be demanding about certain things, but without basing your relationship on it, since there are many other times when you will need to be understanding to better help your child overcome certain obstacles and prove to him at the same time he is not alone.
Having Strict Parents Helps To Succeed In Life According To The Experts