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If You Like Wearing Only Black Clothes, Here's What It Says About Your Personality

If You Like Wearing Only Black Clothes, Here's What It Says About Your Personality

Black is the color of the mystery and many people adopt it, not to cultivate their mysterious side but simply because this color suits the color of their skin, or simply thins them. Others associate it with power and their desire to appear more powerful and respected.

Each color has a special meaning and can give an explanation to our psychological profile. Thus, the red is linked to a fiery and passionate temperament, blue is associated with a soft and calm character, yellow with energy and joy, while black is synonymous with mystery and refinement.

Also, some people wear the black color in their daily dress and can not do without it. What is the reason for their inveterate love for this color? Maybe because it's a refined color giving a certain class or it's an attractive and sexy color at the same time.

However, if you like to wear only black, it says a lot about your personality
We often dress to impress and the color we wear is often indicative of our personality. According to a study on color preference, 56% of respondents favor black, considered the color of trust.

Indeed, the black color fascinates and intimidates at the same time. This color often refers to death, sadness or melancholy, but also to pride, seriousness, reliability and trust.

In addition, putting black can carry a subconscious and strong message, reflecting a need for security and respect.

Similarly, people who often wear this color can be perceived by others as successful people who take care of themselves, their appearance but who can be a bit neurotic.

Similarly, in the person who often dresses in black, this color is used as a bulwark against the painful emotions since stability is what it advocates above all. Moreover, it gives him the sensation of internalizing his emotions and protecting himself as with a shield.

However, some women who like to wear clothes of this color, usually want to remain discreet, not wanting to draw attention to them by putting on colorful clothes. But paradoxically, this color is attractive and absorbs energy. In the same way, wearing this color indicates an irresistible desire to be chic, prestigious and to be serious, ambitious and motivated even if one remains very sensitive.

In addition, the person who wears black is able to find solutions to very complex situations. She tirelessly corrects the mistakes of others to feel great pride.

At the same time, she enjoys excelling in the fields of media and finance. It remains impressive, and has an aura that gives it a great mystery.

A person who always chooses to put on black, may hide a desire to suppress worldly relationships or to hide needs buried deep inside her.

And you ? Do you wear black and only black?
If You Like Wearing Only Black Clothes