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Lonely People Are The Most Loyal And Intelligent

Lonely People Are The Most Loyal And Intelligent

"My friends, my loves, my boredom" sang Charles Aznavour. This is certainly the adage of loners who select their friends and sometimes count on the fingers of the hand. If you are part of it, know how to measure the full height of this gesture. If you are looking for friends, be sure to spot solitaires who will be more reliable. We give you the keys to understand them.

Some people find it difficult to understand why loners do not speak out about interests, attitudes or social styles. However, anyone who has already done something then said (or has already thought) "What a waste of time" is able to understand this type of people. Regularly, loners choose to spend time doing something they enjoy on their own. Indeed, they know that they will eventually enjoy their time. Solitaries prefer to rely on themselves rather than depending on others.

I need a lonely friend
However, human beings who are friends with at least one loner are actually very lucky people. Despite what you might think at first, loners are great friends to count on your panel. They are more selective than most individuals when it comes to choosing friends. Indeed, they also tend to be more down to earth, which benefits not only themselves, but also the people with whom they interact. Moreover, as loners do not enjoy wasting time and energy arguing or doing unnecessary things, the time they spend with their friends tends to be very positive and productive for everyone involved .

The different types of solitaires
You would be surprised to learn that there are extroverts solitaries besides the introverted solitaries. Extroverted solitaries tend to communicate extremely well and are comfortable in front of large oratories. On the other hand, introverted loners generally communicate better in small groups and are not at all comfortable with the crowd. However, all the solitaries desire to experience a real intelligence and a real emotion. Also if you are a good person who advocates the dogma of being "just yourself", a lonely friend could be vital to maximize your happiness and success in life.

Friends you can count on
Specifically, solitary friends are extremely reliable and trustworthy. Being selective, they tend to be only with respectable people. It will probably take some time for a loner to decide that you are trustworthy and accept your friendship. However, it will probably not take him long to reject you if he feels you are unreliable or dishonorable. Note that if you live up to your friendship, your lonely friend could definitely become your best friend.

What does science say?
The works of Norman P Li and Satoshi Kanazawa highlight that intelligent people are less satisfied when they multiply social relations. Subjective well-being is therefore to be correlated with socialization. Thus, one can very well live with his Friday (as Robinson Crusoe) and be happy.
Lonely People Are The Most Loyal And Intelligent