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13 Moms After Giving Birth That Make Us Very Proud

13 Moms After Giving Birth That Make Us Very Proud

13 Moms After Giving Birth That Make Us Very Proud

Having a child is one of the most beautiful things in the world. This irreversible change in life is also one of the most difficult jobs. After a pregnancy, the body of a woman is totally turned upside down, even metamorphosed ... And in a society where the cult of beauty and prime perfection, scars, flaccid skin and stretch marks, simply testify to the magic of nature and we lead us to question the standards of beauty imposed by society.

The photographer Liliana Taboas gives us through her project Divine Mothering, poignant photographs of female bodies postpartum accompanied by authentic interviews of mothers delivering their testimonies and their feelings towards the pregnancy and their body. From breastfeeding to miscarriages, through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), Liliana Taboas hopes to help normalize bodies of all shapes and sizes and those bearing the stigma of a life that they have worn. birth in a society where the cult of perfection of the female body, tends to minimize the changes undergone by the body during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Discover below some of her photographs, accompanied by authentic extracts from mothers' stories:

"Motherhood has healed my mind and my body. Physically, I sometimes have trouble with my body image because I do not look like the typical mother. My breasts did not get fat during pregnancy, not even while breastfeeding. I took a total of 7 kilos which I immediately lost to childbirth. Yes, I feel somehow excluded from motherhood for not having undergone the same changes that occur during pregnancy. "

"It was a little hard. It took us three years to get pregnant ... We had regular follow up with the gynecologist. At first we were working with my hormone levels and then I was told that I had to lose weight. I knew I could not do it myself so I decided to do a gastric bypass surgery. "

"My child is my reason for being. My husband tells me all the time that I was made to be a mother. "

"I was very reluctant about breastfeeding. I did not want to try it. My husband is a nurse and he convinced me that I had to at least try ... I was surprised to find that it was completely natural and it is probably the most natural thing I have ever done. "

"It's hard to remember sometimes that what we're doing is great. I want to remember it because it's easy to forget. "

"Motherhood has been the greatest sacrifice of my life. Abandoning my military career to just being a mother has been a very difficult reality to recognize. Abandon everything in my life to focus only on my children. It was not my life path previously planned. Although my life took a course I never imagined, I now have my full role as a mother, wife and wife with a postpartum body. "

"With my first, I was not too confident. I did not have help. With this child, I received a lot of support and encouragement about breastfeeding. "

"I swore never to say anything negative about myself in front of them. Nothing. I do not want them to learn that from me. "

"Breastfeeding is still a taboo practice in my country (Venezuela) and in the United States. I want to help change that. "

"I can now appreciate my body for what it gave me. That's what I am now, I've been given the gift of a lifetime ... I'm a better version of myself. I can see the world with another series of looks. "

"I was so determined with my first child. Everything was going to be fine, he was going to be great. I wanted him to reach his goals early. "

" It's difficult. People say it's difficult, but you do not realize how bad these really are. I think the hardest part for me was managing all the changes. The changes in my life. The changes in my marriage. The changes in my body is difficult for me, that's why I wanted to do that, you have to love your body, I feel hypocritical, I tell everyone that the postpartum body is so magical and that he did something extraordinary about me. "

"I had my first two children with my ex-husband, then I got married again. We decided to have children in common. I thought why not one. My first two pregnancies were easy, I had no problem and I lost the pregnancy weight fast enough. "