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A Mother Shared A Simple Tip To Help Children Take Their Medications, And Other Moms Say It Works Wonders

A Mother Shared A Simple Tip To Help Children Take Their Medications, And Other Moms Say It Works Wonders

Trying to give a medicine to a child can be a real ordeal for the mother who has to cope with her crying, while ensuring that she does not choke. But thanks to the ingenious trick of this mom, you can finally help your child to take his medication in a few seconds, and without him shed a single tear.

All moms in the world will tell you, even the world's quietest babies and children can turn into real rebels when you decide to give them medicine. If you do not know what foot to dance with your little baby whose cheeks are flooded with tears at the sight of a drug. You must absolutely try the trick of this mom who will allow you to give him his medication quickly and without suffering.

An ingenious trick to give your baby medicine:

In a viral post posted on her Facebook account, Helena Lee, an American mom, shared a beautiful tip that quickly went around the web, and captured the attention of hundreds of moms around the world.

Indeed, Helena had tried every means for her baby to accept taking her fever medication. But despite all his efforts, this rebellious baby categorically refused to swallow them. After thinking for a few minutes, the young mother finally found an incredible trick that allowed him to give him his medicine without him suspecting anything

The tip is this: Pour the drug into a syringe, put the syringe in the nipple of the bottle, and give the bottle to your baby. That's it! Moms who have tried this trick have all said it works perfectly, because unlike the syringe, the bottle nipple allows the baby to drink quickly syrup, and without realizing it.

This is an ingenious trick for which this mother deserves our congratulations!

What other tips are there to give your child medicine?
Although the tip delivered by this American mom is very effective, and smart, it may be that other tips work better with your little one. Here are a few :

- Give him his meds while playing:
One of the most successful tips for your toddler to take his medication is to play and laugh with him before administering it, while trying to make sure he does not see them.

- Give him choices:
The trick can sometimes be very effective with children! The next time you want to give your child medicine, ask him if he prefers to take it in a spoon or in his bottle. He will surely end up choosing one of the two options.

- Play the doctor:
Before administering the medicine to your child, suggest that you play the doctor, and ask him to give medicine to a stuffed animal or doll. Then tell him that it is his turn to be the patient, and give him his medicine.

- Do not lie :
Children do not like being lied to, and that's why you should not try to make her believe that the medications you are going to give her are flavored with chocolate or strawberry. So be honest with him, and tell him that you are well aware that the taste is not pleasant, but that he is obliged to take it to heal.

- Flavor her medications:
Some pharmacies offer flavors that you can add to your children's medications. You can use your child's favorite flavors to lessen their bitter taste and make them easier to eat.

- Reward your baby:
One of the things that works best with children is rewarding them, giving them a treat they like, or playing with them after taking the medicine.

- Talk to the doctor:
If your little one continues to stand up to you despite all the efforts you make to take his medicine. It would be better to talk to your doctor, and ask if he can substitute with other medications that your child can swallow more easily.