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Mum Begs Other Parents Not To Repeat Her Mistake After Her Baby Dies From A Balloon

Mum Begs Other Parents Not To Repeat Her Mistake After Her Baby Dies From A Balloon

Who among us would have thought that an inflatable balloon could be behind the death of a small child? However, this toy perceived as completely harmless by many parents, can quickly turn into a dangerous weapon, and able to cause many damage to the health of children, even kill them. Read the shocking story of this mom who lost her 9-month-old baby because of a balloon.

Losing your child is a horrible tragedy that all parents of the universe dread. It is for this reason that they constantly increase their efforts to monitor their little ones, and protect them from any danger. Unfortunately, there are things we do not think about, and that can pose a real threat to our children. Here is the tragic story of this 9-month-old baby who died from an inflatable balloon.

The tragic death of a 9-month-old baby:
A few weeks ago, Katie Chamberlain, an American mom was playing happily with her four children. When suddenly, she noticed that her 9-month-old baby was choking. His complexion had become all blue, and he could no longer breathe. Indeed, the small child was playing with a balloon before swallowing accidentally, causing severe suffocation that led to his death.

"It was too fast, I did not even have time to help him, and the ball quickly blocked his breathing ..." This was revealed by the young mother during an interview with the American channel ABC News.

Today, the young mother keeps sharing her story with other parents, in order to make them aware of the dangers of these toys considered by most people to be completely safe and harmless. If there is one thing we can remember from this tragic story, it is that even the most harmless objects can turn into lethal weapons for our children, hence the importance of monitoring them, and taking all the necessary security measures to protect them.

Balloons: A fatal toy.
It would be hard to imagine a birthday, or an end of the school year without the balloons, adorning our walls, and entertain our little blond heads. However, everything that is beautiful is not necessarily safe. According to a report published on the website of the European Commission, balloons have caused several fatal accidents in recent years. This is why you must follow some simple instructions that can avoid real tragedies. Here are a few :

- Choose good quality balloons.

- Make your children aware of the dangers of these toys.

- Never put a balloon at the disposal of a child under 3 years old.
- Never let a child play alone without supervision.

- Toys for children under 3 must be large enough to prevent them from swallowing and prevent choking.

- Use a pump to inflate your children's balloons, and prevent them from inflating with their mouths.

- Never forget to read the safety instructions that appear on the packaging of balloons, and other toys for children.

- Before each use, check the condition of the balloons, and clean them thoroughly if necessary.

- Collect all pieces of torn balloons, and discard them to prevent your child from swallowing them.
Mum Begs Other Parents Not To Repeat Her Mistake After Her Baby Dies From A Balloon