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Here Is The New Fashion Toenails In 2018. What Do You Think?

Here Is The New Fashion Toenails In 2018. What Do You Think?

toenails in 2018

Beautiful strong nails, long, unbreakable, very white, almost all women dream. Nails are often a sign of beauty, femininity and strength! This year's trend is far from normative, with different colors and shapes that will surely please everyone.

Women do not always like black nails, especially on the feet, but when they do ...
toenails in 2018

How do you wear shoes?

toenails in 2018

Just wear one or two sizes larger, it seems that this is the only solution.

toenails in 2018

And this red pedicure, how do you find it?

Not very practical, so say! Lace will not last long.

She had to let the nails grow for a long time.

However, it is convenient to climb trees.

I am the Queen with long toenails and this forever!

Everyone's taste is different.

Special dedication to fans of the french manicure.

Long toenails, do you think that would suit everyone?

Long toenails are a way of drawing attention to this beautiful part of the body. Such an extravagant pedicure will suit those who have the good shape of feet and toes. In addition, the nails must be strong and pretty.

The opinion of Internet users!

On the web, Internet users are not indifferent to this trend! Here are some comments:

Some are horrified and ridicule the trend.
  • Simply terrifying! Like in a horror movie! All men will get scared and run away after seeing this trend!
  • Effective for pulling weeds in the garden.
  • Designers will have to find suitable shoes for these nails.

Others love it!
  • What beautiful toes!
  • Do not pay attention to negative comments. You are simply beautiful!
  • And what do you think? Share your opinion in the comments!