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Do Not Put Paper On The Toilet Seat

Do Not Put Paper On The Toilet Seat

There is no doubt that many of us do not particularly like the idea of being in public toilets and are trying to get out of them as soon as possible. And since hygienic precautions to limit contact with germs are never too much, these same people have become used to putting a whole lot of toilet paper where they sit. But is it really a healthy habit?

Are we right to do such a thing?
Many people believe that the majority of germs in public toilets are on the toilet seat, but such an idea is completely false and unfounded. Because in reality, the toilet seats are designed to prevent different germs from attaching to their smooth surface, so the fact that they transmit microbes when sitting on it is absolutely not true. But if there is one element present in all public washrooms and which carries an incredible number of germs it is indeed the toilet paper itself.

When reading this, many people with the habit of lining the top of the toilet paper bowl must realize how careful their rushes them right into the error.

The germs on this paper come simply from the countless hands that touch it every day. So the more people who use this same roll, the more the surface of the paper will be impregnated with bacteria of all kinds.

Toilet paper is not the safe option at all
Just realize that toilet paper is already designed at the base for the purpose of absorbing germs. Except that this property, in addition to allowing the toilet paper to fulfill the role for which it was manufactured, makes it a very favorable environment for the development of several bacteria. This is why you should avoid spreading it as you did before, as ironic as it may seem, such a process allows the germs to better contact you rather than the opposite.

Unfortunately, sinks and even hand dryers are unhygienic environments where it is very easy to come into contact with bacteria. Do not forget, if the toilet has a paper towel dispenser, it's a much healthier alternative than an electronic hand dryer.

Caution is always required
Such information may seem particularly unsettling to some, especially those who used this famous "precaution", but it's time for you to take the necessary steps to keep your body away from anything that might be synonymous with infection or disease.

Also keep in mind that there are everyday places and objects that easily transmit bacteria such as cars, bus bars, cell phones, sponges and rags that are used. at home, door handles, remote controls and washing machines. So always try to wash your hands after handling one of these objects.
Do Not Put Paper On The Toilet Seat