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Do Not Regret Growing Older, It's A Privilege Denied To Many

Do Not Regret Growing Older, It's A Privilege Denied To Many

If most people are apprehensive about aging, it is surely because aging is associated in all minds with the inevitable deterioration of the state of health with the emergence of many evils and handicaps. less beautiful physical appearance and decline in cognitive abilities. In a word, old age is considered as decrepitude. However, if one placed oneself on the side of the principal concerned, one would go to the evidence: to advance in age is a blessing.

Whatever one may say, the natural phenomenon of old age can not be reduced to its mere material and external aspects. To grow old is, of course, to see your body and your physical abilities deteriorate, but it is also and above all to gain wisdom and maturity.

Like all the experiences that seem terrifying from a distance but that turn out to be the opposite when you live them, it's only once you've started to age that realize that our fears were unfounded.

To become aware that we are mortal
Old age comes with the realization of the inevitable: time passes, the lost time does not return, and life ends with the death which has gradually approached and which is now watching. An awareness that we can only adopt an attitude of acceptance.

This reminder pushes us to take advantage of every moment of life.

Put things right in their place
As we get older, we learn to differentiate between essential things and futile things, and we realize that some of the things we once valued are no longer relevant.

When it comes to the important things, we become less careless about them and we give them full attention by giving them more time and attention.

We do not worry as much as we do not dramatize as much as before, because we take a step back from the situations. We relativize and we acquire consistency and serenity.

Greater confidence
We also realize that his life is for himself and not for others. One gains a certain indifference with regard to the look and the opinion of the others and thus a greater self-confidence. We have a more positive state of mind.

Indulgence towards oneself
Being young, we have many dreams and ambitions. We are in the pursuit of an ideal and we aspire, often naively, that everything is perfect in our life.

But with age, experience and our journey behind us, we realize that we are human and that no one is perfect. We stop comparing ourselves to others and we accept odd and missteps as an integral part of life.

The feeling of accomplishment
As you get older, look back and see all of our accomplishments, you can not help feeling a sense of joy and pride. On the other hand, all the worries and fears that are related to the unknown of the different stages of life are part of the past, which is a good thing because having already accomplished everything in our life, we have not more to worry about. We win in serenity.

According to some statistical study , one becomes happier with age. In a first part of life, happiness would begin by declining little by little until it reaches its lowest point at about 45, before rising to reach its highest degree at the age of 69 years old. Such is the curve of happiness according to which the French would start with the fifties the best years of their life.
Do Not Regret Growing Old, It's A Privilege Denied To Many