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Parents Must Not Give A Smartphone To Their Children Before High School

Parents Must Not Give A Smartphone To Their Children Before High School

It is undeniable that technology has been instrumental in facilitating communication and the transmission of information. However, as a parent, you should worry about the impact that devices such as smartphones might have on your child. As it becomes more and more common for children to have their own smartphone, should not you worry about the negative impact it could have on their growth?

Although its usefulness can not be debated, use and excessive exposure to the smartphone can have adverse effects, especially on the health of the child.

The bad effects of smartphones on the health of children

1 - The risk of developing tumors
Children who tend to use smartphones for long periods of time, are more likely to develop non-malignant tumors, especially in the regions of the ear and brain. This is because the bones, the protective tissues of organs such as the brain are still very thin in children. As a result, they end up absorbing more than 60% of the radiation emitted by mobile phones.

2 - Disruption of brain activities
The brain holds its own electrical impulses that provide communication in the neural network. However, phone waves can easily penetrate the inner parts of the brain in children because they do not yet have a strong shield.

According to the experts, talking on the phone for 2 minutes changes the electrical activity inside the child's brain, causing mood problems, behavioral tendencies and difficulty learning new ones. things or to focus properly.

3 - Inappropriate content
Like any other electronic device, the smartphone is also a tool that can be used for bad purposes. Children can receive or view inappropriate messages, images or texts, and pass them on to others. They can even make their way to pornography and become addicted from a very young age, or exchange their own photos irresponsibly.

Parents must not give smartphones to their children before entering secondary school

Dr. Jon Goldin, vice president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 'Children and Adolescents' Faculty, asks parents not to buy smartphones from their children before they enter high school. He also warned that children should not spend more than two hours a day on social networks after proving that it could make them depressed and anxious.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this renowned psychiatrist, has also used social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter to make access more difficult for children under 13 years.

In the end, just like other technologies, a mobile phone is a double-edged sword. His prowess is enormous and is a learning tool for children. Nevertheless, restricting the hours of use greatly contributes to their well-being and instills good behavioral habits.

In addition, as an adult, it is important that parents and other people at home limit their use of smartphones when they are around children. This helps to minimize the harmful effects of radiation, but especially to create a model of behavior.