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The Pent-up Emotions Turn Into An Illness

The Pent-up Emotions Turn Into An Illness

It is obvious that we all have emotions buried deep within ourselves. When repressed, they can have extremely negative impacts and cause psychosomatic disorders.

Indeed, these repressed emotions will, more often than not, materialize in some parts of our body and significantly affect the proper functioning. Worst ! They will sometimes have disastrous repercussions on our very health.

Physical disorders caused by repressed emotions

These physical disorders can manifest themselves in many different ways, depending on the individual. Here are some examples:
  • Anxiety will increase heart rate, increase sweating, or cause tremors
  • Uncontrolled panic can cause diarrhea;
  • Repressed anger, unexpressed resentment, or an inability to cope with life-changing mutations can cause a liver crisis.
  • Chronic urinary tract infections will indicate our societal or environmental malaise;
  • Otitis will sometimes indicate our unconscious refusal to hear certain words. Conversely, pain in the throat will probably be the sign of reluctance to formulate certain things, for lack of courage, for fear of disappointing, shocking or simply being misunderstood
  • Excessive obstinacy and rigidity, sometimes characterized by a refusal to obey or fail in certain situations, will eventually affect the knees;
  • Anxiety related to financial security or, in general, to the future, could cause lower back pain, or in the legs, feet and ankles;
  • E tense and painful neck will be the result of an exacerbated stubbornness;
  • Situations of conflict, insecurity, or emotional overwork, linked to an excess of solitary involvement in the management of our multiple responsibilities, will give rise to pain in the shoulders;
  • Toothache, mouth ulcers and other abscesses may be caused by the unsaid in a given situation, where one will choose, wrongly, to be silent and content to tighten the jaw
  • Gallbladder problems can result from a prolonged struggle against the adversities of life in general, and thus from the frustrations that may result when the results obtained do not seem satisfactory to us
  • Disorders in the thyroid gland will reveal our confrontation to situations where we could not act, express ourselves. This feeling will gnaw us internally and the thyroid gland will be affected by this fact
  • The hernia is usually caused by stress related to trying situations, where you feel totally helpless and disarmed. In addition, the part of the body where she will go to lodge will be very explicit as to the nature of the evacuated emotion which will have provoked it.

The inguinal hernia, for example, will be caused by the fact of being locked in oneself, of silencing things that one would have liked to express.

The umbilical hernia emanates from a failure to face the difficulties of life, the systematic search for ease in the face of a reality that rarely allows it.

To underestimate oneself is not without physical consequence. In fact, disc herniation, for example, is the result of a lack of confidence in one's abilities.

The hiatal hernia, it would be caused by the excessive will of absolute control on the events; epidermal diseases can be linked to a set of emotional disorders, which disturb us. Systematic negativity, feeling of insecurity, lack of communication .... the list is long !

Eczema, for example, can reveal anxieties of all kinds, deeply concealed and not exteriorized.

Other skin disease: acne; some people do not like themselves as they are. The appearance of acne on their face will reflect a non-acceptance of oneself, which will consequently favor the isolation in which they put themselves unconsciously.

Same for psoriasis; its development will indicate a deep malaise, whether it is related to the physical or to the character.

The pain in the arm can be triggered by a multitude of emotions, such as lack of self-confidence, the inability to disclose feelings, anger, lack of recognition for us, failure in all its forms, and many others.

We therefore understand why it is absolutely essential to express and externalize our repressed emotions, to evacuate them as much as necessary, in order to free us from their sly hold. To attack the physical symptoms of our ills rather than their psychological origin would probably be ineffective!

In the end, our body speaks to us and it is strongly recommended to be attentive to its language and, above all, to decode it. Most often, it is an alarm bell, a serious warning that is important to perceive and consider.
The Pent-up Emotions Turn Into An Illness