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People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partner Have A Stronger Relationship

People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partner Have A Stronger Relationship

Farting is a natural function of the human body that we avoid doing in public or in front of our loved one. Because we always want to show the best of ourselves to continue to seduce our partner. However, as soon as we enter the passionate phase of a relationship, we begin to feel much more comfortable with each other and each of us lets his or her peculiarities and habits resurface.

To fart or not to fart, that is the question!
Farting is perfectly normal, as natural as eating, crying, laughing ... it is the expulsion of intestinal gas, and it is a sign of good health: an organism that does not fart does not work. So when we feel this huge need to "drop a pearl," we simply have to do it.

A fart is often perceived as an extreme rudeness and a lack of good manners in some cultures. However, Leah Decesare, author of the book Naked Parenting has studied the secrets of a lasting relationship and discovered that it is based on trust and sincerity. In a romantic relationship, one must be true to oneself and as natural as possible. 

In his book, Decesare recounts that his first fart expelled in the presence of her husband, boyfriend at the time, changed their relationship forever. That's when her husband knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. "You have to hold on to the others, but farting in front of your partner should not be a problem," says Decesare. It makes you more human, creates empathy and strengthens the bond between the couple. Do you say that if you allow yourself to fart in front of your spouse, something you will not dare to do in public, is that you feel so comfortable.

A real intimacy in the couple
People who fart in front of their mate have a stronger relationship

When you and your partner laugh with a big fart, it clearly means that you have the same sense of humor. You create situations and jokes that only you understand and you set up some kind of secret communication.

From another point of view, the fart symbolizes all the secrets a person keeps in her when she starts a new romantic relationship. In other words, if you are absolutely not ashamed of your flatulence, what do you have others to hide? It is a course to take when we feel ready. It is at this moment that we can afford to let go, to hide nothing, to free ourselves, and to move our relationship to the next stage.

Farting is good for your health
People who fart in front of their mate have a stronger relationship

Holding your farts is strongly discouraged. This causes the accumulation of gases in the intestines that exert a strong pressure on their walls. In the long run, intense pain appears and let appear frequent digestive disorders. So if you spend your time holding yourself in public, try to do it as little as possible. Find isolated corners where you can relieve yourself.

Farting is sexy
Believe it or not, many experts support this statement. It's the new sexy! For them, the fact of being attracted by our sweating partner after a sports session for example, is equivalent to knowing that it belongs to us, including farts. It may seem unscrupulous but a large number of people in pairs confirm it. There is nothing more intimate than sharing all the moments, even the most "indelicates", with our spouses.

Do not hesitate to show how comfortable you are with your other half, it may be that letting a little fart in his presence is the only thing you have to do to mark the beginning of a long happy relationship.
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