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People Who Wear Colorful Socks Are Brighter, More Creative And Perform Better In Life

People Who Wear Colorful Socks Are Brighter, More Creative And Perform Better In Life

The tastes and colors, it is not discussed and socks, there is something for everyone. From classics, to uniforms to the craziest, socks can be a real fashion accessory, or not ... A subject that has not escaped science.

If you think about it, it's really amazing to see how some people can treat socks as "just something to wear on their feet" and others may consider them as accessories of style, expression and creativity. In addition, research indicates that delusional and crazy socks reveal useful and meaningful information about the character and intelligence of a human being

Self-expression is intelligent
Conformity is often interpreted in the modern era as pejorative. Yet human beings still conform to countless daily habits.

Socks offer a rare opportunity to avoid compliance. Without wanting to hide his flamboyant or political socks, they are often covered by shoes and pants. Thus, there is no chance that geopolitical conflicts will occur because of socks. In addition, people who love unique socks look for other singular people and of course their socks! Do not we say who looks alike? It could even lead to true love.

The publication of the Journal of Consumer Research reveals a theory that nonconformists can sometimes be considered more classy and competent than conformists.

This is good news for fans and singular socks wearers. Indeed, it means that their image begins to receive recognition from the general public. It even appears that unconventional sock wearers are seen as smart and efficient rather than stupid and lazy. The authors of the study, Silvia Bellezza, Francesca Gino and Anat Keinan from Harvard University, say: "We have proposed that, under certain conditions, non-compliant behaviors may be more beneficial to a person seeking to to integrate. This seems deliberate, a person may seem to have a higher status and skills. "

Wearing strange socks is a representation of embodied cognition. This concept is related to how clothing choices influence cognitive processes. Dr. Adam Galinsky (social psychologist, Northwestern University) has been involved in research on how humans function; how they think, feel and act, especially when it comes to their socks. It has been discovered that humans value transmitting their uniqueness and trust through their sock choices. It's a feeling of personal happiness. So, instead of hiding in the background with white or black socks, put yourself in the spotlight and give the world a glimpse of your personality, feelings, emotions and beliefs - wearing socks "wacky"!

A story of clean socks
There is one who has chosen to do his job. It's John Cronin, 21 years old. He is autistic and entrepreneur. He created his business with his father with one goal: to spread good humor. The idea is part of his passion for funny and original socks. John's originality has allowed the company to quickly garner orders. On each sale, the company charges 5 cents to the Paralympic Games. This social commitment translates into the hiring of 33 employees, half of whom are "different". This commitment has enabled the company to implement its own creations and expand in the United States and internationally.

Stay original to the tip of your toes or become it!
People Who Wear Colorful Socks Are Brighter, More Creative And Perform Better In Life