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People Who Cry In Front Of The Movies Are The Strongest Of All

People Who Cry In Front Of The Movies Are The Strongest Of All

Admit it, sometimes you cry while watching a moving movie or even a TV show. Feeling sad and tears is a natural reaction, but this does not stop some people from making fun of you and treating you as "hypersensitive".

Know, therefore, that contrary to what we can believe, your crying is in fact signs of empathy and especially, of strength. And many experts come to confirm it.

Research suggests that about 92% of people cried while watching a movie. And yet, many people still think that shedding tears is a great sign of weakness. And this conviction turns out to be especially true for men who have lived in a society in which "boys do not cry", which leads them to believe that to be accepted in this society, one must be stoic and never to collapse before the pain, the fear or the difficulties of life.

Whatever the context, you should never hide your feelings or hold back your tears. It's just part of what makes you human.

Empathy makes us stronger human beings
Empathy is an essential aspect of emotional intelligence, it is an ability for leaders and successful individuals. In other words, if you cry watching movies, it proves that you are probably wonderful with others and emotionally strong, further refuting the notion of weakness.

Research shows that fiction, both literary and cinematographic, significantly improves people's ability to empathize. This is because a truly engaging fiction allows us to put ourselves in the character's shoes and consider a different reality from ours, much more cruel and more trying. And as a result, we become more open minded and more compassionate towards others.

Roger Ebert, an American film critic, said, "movies allow us to enter other minds, not just identification with the characters, though this is an important part, but seeing the world as another person sees it. "

When we watch movies with strong emotional content, it releases oxytocin, which Paul J. Zack, expert in neuroeconomics nicknamed "the moral molecule". He explains that oxytocin makes us more sensitive to the social cues that surround us. In many situations, social cues motivate us to engage in helping others, especially if they seem to need our help. Go see a movie, laugh and cry. It would be good for your brain and could motivate you to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others.

The importance of crying
Tears are a beautiful demonstration of our emotions, because we produce them in moments of pain as in moments of joy. Crying helps reduce stress, and boosts our mood. When we cry, we release some of our negative feelings in a healthier way. Without tears, we could literally not see because they clean the eyes ensure permanent lubrication of the eyeball. In other words, much simpler, tears give us sight and strength figuratively and literally, as Victor Hugo said: "Those who do not cry do not see. "

So, if you happen to shed some tears at some point while watching a movie, do not be embarrassed. Instead, adopt this beautiful emotional event because it will help you in the long run.
People Who Cry In Front Of The Movies Are The Strongest Of All