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It's Proven, People Who Put Christmas Decorations Earlier Are Happier

It's Proven, People Who Put Christmas Decorations Earlier Are Happier

Although seen as a commercial holiday by many, Christmas remains an important celebration around the world. This is an opportunity to meet with family or friends to share moments of happiness. Remember that even in times of war, Christmas was a truce. That of 1914 remains in the memory where British and German played football in the no man's land of the trenches. Christmas is therefore synonymous with happiness and researchers have confirmed it.

Oh Christmas ... Just thinking about it, its decorations, its gifts, its family meals ... that's the Christmas carols humming in your head and the happiness of this moment in family invades you. A recent study suggests that people who install Christmas decorations earlier tend to be happier than those who wait before putting them in place.

A sign of socialization
A Science Direct report in 1989 already suggested that Christmas decorations were perceived as a friendly sign of neighborhood. By setting up your Christmas decorations early, you are showing your social openness. The study said: "When Christmas decorations were present, the evaluators attributed greater sociability to non-sociable residents, citing a more open appearance as the basis for their judgments." One could say that with the help of Christmas decorations, people are amazed and see the friendly side of their neighbors.

Have you ever walked around a village or downtown just to enjoy the Christmas decorations that have been put in place? It is in this notion of link that we display the decorations and for the sake of joy and cheerfulness.

When decoration rhymes with nostalgia
Sometimes the reason is anything other than what may appear there. Indeed, some people take the time to decorate their home by nostalgia. "Although there may be a number of symptomatic reasons for someone to obsessively set decorations, most often for nostalgic reasons: reliving magic or compensating for past neglect," says more recently Steve McKeown, psychoanalyst, founder of MindFixers and owner of McKeown Clinic. In times of mourning, the holidays can be a difficult stage especially during the first year following the disappearance. However, over time, the pleasure of setting up decorations comes back and the moment becomes happy again.
It's Proven, People Who Put Christmas Decorations Earlier Are Happier