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These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Purify The Air In Your Home.

These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Purify The Air In Your Home.

These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Purify The Air In Your Home.

Who among us would like to live in a muffled, dirty house, where the foul smells of cooking and impurities pervade our nostrils? Nobody, would you say to me. In this article, we share with you the list of the best plants that will help clean the air in your home while increasing the amount of oxygen that circulates in your home.

In addition to decorating our homes, and embalming our gardens, plants can have innumerable virtues on our physical and psychological health. But what many people do not know is that some plants have a very powerful purifying power that makes them an important element that must be present in every home. Discover the list of plants that purify the air and improve your well-being, while increasing the amount of oxygen in your home.

1- The azalea
In addition to the beauty of its pink flowers, they give off a divine fragrance. Azalea is a plant that has a very powerful purification power. This is the ideal plant to install in your kitchen, if you want to get rid of the odors generated by cooking, while avoiding the side effects of industrial deodorants.

2- Climbing ivy
According to a study conducted by NASA, climbing ivy would be very effective at removing fecal particles that float in the air. It also helps to fight against bad smells such as cigarette and smoke. In addition, this plant can be grown in several types of pots according to your preferences. In addition, it will ask you very little maintenance.

3- The moon flower
Native to South America, this plant is undeniably one of the most beautiful houseplants. Its pretty white flowers, and bright green foliage do not go unnoticed. According to specialists, this plant is very effective against the formation of mold spores. It would also help eliminate harmful substances such as formaldehyde or trichlorethylene. Only downside: The moon flower is very toxic for cats.

4- The bamboo palm
The bamboo palm is a decorative plant of the family of dwarf palms. Its ease of maintenance, and its beauty make it one of the preferred plants for interior decoration. In addition, bamboo palm is very effective at removing trichlorethylene and benzene.

5- The Chinese Aglaonema
Its slightly reddish green foliage makes this plant a very elegant decorative accessory in our homes. The peculiarity of this Chinese aglaonème lies in the fact that its purifying power increases with time. It absorbs impurities and toxins, and does not require much maintenance.

6- Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is not unknown to us but do you know this miraculous plant with many health benefits? In addition to all the beauty recipes you can prepare, this plant helps purify the air in your home while fighting against odors. In addition, Aloe Vera is not a very demanding plant, so you will not need to give it a lot of time and attention to grow.

7- Pelargonium
The beautiful pink flowers that adorn the foliage of this plant will not leave you indifferent. In addition to bringing a nice decorative touch to your home. Pelargonium will contribute significantly to fight against bad odors, to eliminate bacteria, while fleeing certain insects such as moths.

These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Purify The Air In Your Home.

8- The spider plant
The spider plant is a plant that grows very quickly. It is more and more often used as a decorative indoor plant. However, this plant has a powerful ability to purify ambient air. It removes carbon dioxide, while spreading oxygen in the spaces where it is installed.

9- The rubber tree
Despite its tropical aspect that suggests that it needs a lot of sun and a high temperature. The rubber tree is a tree that can survive in very low temperatures, and with very little light. According to the tests carried out by the specialists, this plant has a very great power of fight against toxins and impurities. It also helps eliminate some harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.

10- The snake plant
Also called the mother-in-law's language for its particularly long leaves. The snake plant is an extremely depolluting plant. It absorbs carbon dioxide, and produces oxygen during the night. That's why many people choose to install it in their bedroom.