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7 Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat Quickly For Women, Based On Science

7 Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat Quickly For Women, Based On Science

It is known that abdominal fat is difficult to burn. The latter is not only unsightly but also dangerous for health, including a predisposition to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many other dangerous diseases. It is therefore essential to get rid of it as soon as possible to enjoy good health without complications.

Several factors are responsible for the persistence of belly fat according to the newspaper Time. Thus, age, sedentary lifestyle, hormones, processed foods can contribute to the appearance of abdominal fat.

We invite you to discover 7 effective ways to lose belly fat.

Abolish sugar
Sugar is known to disrupt metabolism and make you fat. Indeed, it causes the secretion of insulin which in turn, participates in the storage of sugar and fat in the body. Moreover, it remains harmful and causes several diseases. It then becomes urgent to choose foods without added sugars and to abolish all sugary drinks even those called "light".

Practice aerobics exercises
The Harvard School of Public Health in a study, demonstrated that aerobic exercise had a significant impact on the loss of abdominal fat. Also, any physical activity contributes to the good health of the body. Aerobic exercises, especially cardiovascular exercises remain effective for getting rid of belly fat. Thus, brisk walking, light jogging undoubtedly reduce fat near internal organs.

Exercise Weightlifting Exercises
Although strength training is less effective in weight loss, weightlifting still makes it possible to reduce weight, according to the study published in the Harvard School of Public Health. Also, a 20 minute daily weightlifting routine, combined with aerobic exercises, would be an undeniable asset for fat reduction in the abdomen.

Tip: Do aerobic exercise while lifting weights.

Consume warm lemon water
Warm lemon water offers many health benefits to combat abdominal fat; it would be all the more effective if it is consumed on an empty stomach. Thus, lemon water facilitates digestion by increasing the levels of stomach acids, stimulates the immune system thanks to its vitamin C content, reduces appetite by the pectin it contains and improves liver function by detoxifying the liver. which plays a decisive role in maintaining the health of the body. However, if you are allergic to citrus, or if you have ulcers or heartburn, you should refrain from consuming lemon.

Consume high fiber organic foods
In addition to their health benefits by reducing the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, constipation or improved digestion, fiber can lose weight by reducing abdominal fat.

Indeed, the fibers have a satiating effect and are very low in calories. The main foods rich in fiber are fruits, whole grains, vegetables and legumes.

Drink green tea to reduce belly
Green tea is known for its health benefits; it draws its properties from its main ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, trace elements and catechins. These are a famous fat burner. Also, its active ingredients increase the levels of hormones that transmit signals to fat cells to eradicate fat and release it into the bloodstream, turned into energy.

However, it is advisable to consume organic green tea that contains no chemicals or pesticides.

Consume a lot of water

Good hydration at a rate of 2 liters of water a day eliminates toxins from the body and improves its health. It also allows, according to a study published in NCBI by JD Stookey of the Oakland Research Institute Children's Hospital, to decrease energy intake and promote weight loss and visceral fat over time. The purpose of this research is to make the link between water consumption and loss of fat over 12 months, especially among obese women. The results were convincing and proved that water helps to promote weight loss.

Thus, in summary, a balanced diet, high in fiber and low in added sugars, combined with targeted physical activity, remains unquestionably the most effective way to lose body fat.
Lose Belly Fat Quickly