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Psychologists Advise To Stay Out of Contact With Your Ex

Psychologists Advise To Stay Out of Contact With Your Ex

While the relationship has ended, he asks you if you can keep in touch and stay friends? You may have lived this scenario one day or another, but is it a good idea? Unfortunately no, that's what experts think in any case. Staying friends with an ex is the worst decision according to psychologists, read this article to find out more.

After a breakup, some people will turn the page by cutting the contact so that they can move on and move forward, while others prefer to stay friends and enjoy the qualities of each in a new relationship of friendship. This decision depends on several factors, but what do psychologists think?

Stay friends or not? The experts' opinion
According to the psychologist Juliana Breines, staying friends with her ex is not in itself a mistake, but it is a big challenge to live and it can make the relationship and feelings you had earlier more difficult to overcome. The addiction is not broken and you always end up with the same hurt feelings. According to the expert, staying together often leads to more suffering, jealousy and anxiety.

Rachel Sussman, a New York-based psychotherapist and author of The Breakup Bible, believes that under no circumstances should an abusive, manipulative, or toxic relationship become a friendship. She adds that if you had a very strong connection and an intense love story with the person, how is it possible to switch all these feelings towards friendship!

Indeed, research confirms that if you decide to stay friends with your ex, this would prevent you from engaging in a new relationship.

Finally this decision is yours! But before you take that step, it's important to take all the time you need to mourn the relationship and move forward.

Here are some tips on things to do after a breakup

Set a deadline: After a breakup, it is quite normal to want to isolate oneself, to eat too much or not enough, to cut off any kind of communication with the outside world. But what is not normal is to behave this way for a long time, so it is important to set deadlines and say that after a week for example "I'll recover" and '' I will become a new, stronger person ''.

Close the chapter: After crying, re-enter and close this chapter of your life, it's time to move on. Tell yourself that what ended was a chapter of your life and not your entire book. Prepare to write the next chapter of which you are the author. Give free rein to your imagination and enjoy.

Staying Positive: Ruptures are difficult and can even lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, anger and feelings of hopelessness. In fact, many people, especially teenagers, even think of suicide after a breakup but you must never give up and always know that things will get better and that you will be stronger as a result. Get help when needed!

Re-evaluate your happiness: After a breakup, it is common to think that your only source of happiness has left you and that you will never smile again. Make a flashback and think about your life before meeting your ex, think of all those beautiful things in life that give you pleasure. Never believe that your happiness depends on others, now it depends on you alone!

Certainly emotions make life difficult but the pain will pass and leave room for happiness. Share if you agree!
Psychologists Advise To Stay Out of Contact With Your Ex