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Shopping Is Good For You, Experts Say

Shopping Is Good For You, Experts Say

Obviously, you may never have thought that shopping could be good for your health. Indeed, although shopping is not as beneficial as intensive training; however, it has positive effects on your mental, physical, psychological and emotional health.

Guy McKhann and Marilyn Albert, two innovative experts in human brain research, say women live longer than men because they make more purchases!

Shopping is good for your health

1 - Physical activity
"Daily exercise is important for everyone, especially seniors," says Poiurnya Fisher, Executive Director of Bainbridge Island Health and Rehabilitation. She also adds, "The benefits of even moderate physical activity improve muscle strength, reduce anxiety, keep joints and bones healthy, and can help reduce hypertension. And shopping requires a long walk.

2 - Relieves stress
Walking around in an atmosphere rich in pleasant smells, music and lights can greatly relieve stress. According to Elizabeth Scott, "when we are stressed, we react differently to buying. Just as we may naturally need sweets to relieve our moods, and we respond positively to other pleasures of life, people tend to feel stronger impulses to rejuvenate when stressed. "

Moreover, she adds that if done with moderation and to the extent of your means, shopping can help boost your mood without drowning you in debt.

3 - Creates a sensory stimulation
"It takes a lot of work for distribution brands to deliver a great experience. This can be done, however, by ensuring that the environment touches each of the five senses, "says Steve Starr, an expert in retail design.

As a result, it's no coincidence that buyers react to the fruity and sensual scents of candles or lotions, the bold colors of a sports shoe store, or the sounds of a shop that offers the latest trends. in clothing.

4 - Your sentences disappear
A study conducted in 2008 by the British University Brunel showed that purchases are associated with the part of the brain related to positive thinking and pleasure.

Although this feeling does not last long, you forget your problems and you feel happy and carefree. The world is even more beautiful when you hold your bags in your hands, laden with things you love.

5 - Promotes your social skills
We often shop with a family member or friend. In doing so, we spend time with them, which helps us to get rid of our social inhibitions. Shopping is therefore very important to maintain good emotional health.

6 - Live longer
Shopping can reduce the risk of death among seniors by 27%, reports a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

7 - Improves your mood
In another study, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford made MRIs to volunteers and recorded the reaction of their brains to photos of various products. Strange as it may seem, when these people viewed articles they wanted to buy, dopamine invaded the nucleus accumbens, known as the reward and pleasure circuit in the brain.
Shopping Is Good For You, Experts Say