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8 Signs That You Are Exhausted Mentally And Emotionally

8 Signs That You Are Exhausted Mentally And Emotionally

Today, more and more people are experiencing the symptoms of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, without recognizing them. However, when burnout affects us, it is essential to make changes in our lifestyle, under pain of serious complications such as the deterioration of our state of health, overwork or depression.

Most often, mental exhaustion and exhaustion affect people who are engaged in work, but it can also be the lot of men and women who face difficulties in their personal lives.

Here are eight signs that indicate mental exhaustion. If you recognize yourself, it may be time to take a break and think seriously about alternatives to prevent your situation from getting worse and becoming unbearable.

8 signs that you are mentally exhausted

1. Weakness of the immune system
You tend to get sick more often, you are more likely to experience headaches, muscle aches or backaches.

2. Feeling of excessive tiredness
You feel tired most of the time, you are unmotivated and you no longer have the strength to move forward. You feel physically weak or unable to make the slightest effort.

3. Procrastination
Work is accumulating, the list of uncompleted tasks is getting longer and, unable to perform them properly, you tend to avoid them and delay them all the time. You also fail to keep your word and fulfill certain commitments.

4. Low self-esteem
Your inability to do certain tasks and repelling them tirelessly leads to feelings of helplessness and failure. You have less confidence in yourself; a sense of hopelessness sets in.

5. You have nerves on edge
You quickly lose patience, a little irritates you or makes you burst into tears. You become emotionally unstable and you feel more easily overwhelmed and overwhelmed by emotions. Your feeling of being out of control only increases your frustration.

6. Mental fog
You have the impression of a certain fog in your mind and you have difficulty concentrating. Neither your body nor your mind is functioning normally anymore.

7. Isolation
You spend less time with your loved ones and you tend to isolate yourself. Social life seems to require more effort than you are able to provide.

8. Pessimism
You are struggling with demotivation and hopelessness. You feel so overwhelmed and helpless that you are no longer able to consider a positive outcome to your situation.

Do you recognize these symptoms? If you suffer from it, it is essential to lift the veil on what has put you in such a state before it is too late. Just as it is absolutely necessary to draw conclusions and change your lifestyle in depth.

Identify which factors your exhaustion originated
Lifestyle plays a vital role in the mental and physical health of individuals. To discover the source of your mental fatigue and exhaustion, start by asking yourself the following questions:

- Do you work too much? Do you accumulate hours, days and weeks of work without vacation?

- Are you overwhelmed by activities and tasks?

- Are you getting enough rest? Do you sleep enough? Do you take time each day to relax and unwind?

- Do you currently experience difficulties on a personal or family level?

- Do you have a good diet, healthy and balanced? Do you nourish your body with fresh, natural and whole foods? Do you absorb enough quality nutrients?

- Do you exercise regularly, if only daily?

Once you have identified the causes of your exhaustion, you will be able to think about an action  plan of changes in your lifestyle that will help you get better for good and long.
8 Signs That You Are Exhausted Mentally And Emotionally