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9 Signs That Your Man Does Not Consider You An Option But A Priority

9 Signs That Your Man Does Not Consider You An Option But A Priority

Every responsible person knows that it is very important to know how to establish an order of priorities in their life. And as it often happens that things jostle each other in an unpredictable way, you have to learn to keep some things at the top of the list while not losing sight of them. This is called: focusing on the essentials. And when you love someone, it's only natural that they be the number one priority in our lives.

When you have a relationship with someone, you need to keep in mind that you are not the only thing that exists in your life and that your partner's existence will not exclusively revolve around you, since at times there will be other elements that will require his attention, time and energy. It is very important, however, to live with a man knowing that he can put you above all other things and people, otherwise you will only play a secondary role in his life.

You, on your side, would never give priority to a man who does not consider you to be important. You would not want to stay with such a person either because it would automatically take you back as soon as there is someone or something else coming in. A partner like that can neglect you as soon as the lesser thing catches his attention.

But if you really want to know if for him, you are a priority, these 9 signs should allow you to locate you to better know if your relationship is worth it or not.

1 - You are not upset when busy
It's for the simple reason that you know that every time he has to devote his time to something else, it's because it's really important, if not urgent. Otherwise, he would have preferred to spend time with you without any hesitation.

2 - He is willing to want to adjust his schedule for you
He does not like to put you aside at all, and he is well aware that for your relationship to work, you will need to make adjustments from time to time in your schedules. The fact that he is making changes in his schedule shows that you are very important to him.

3 - He makes every effort to make you feel good
He would be ready to interfere so that your life is as comfortable as possible. He is fully committed to ensuring that your happiness and well-being are permanent.

4 - He does not like to make you wait
He is so anxious not to make you wait until he always respects the schedules of your outings as well as those of the meals for example. He is deeply convinced that your time is precious and does not want to waste it. This shows above all that he wants to spend the maximum time in your company.

5 - He remembers all important dates
He knows how important some dates are for your relationship and never misses a single important event, because it is important to him.

6 - You have no trouble talking to him about the future
He is not afraid to discuss with you your plans for the future, since he sees you continue the path both to the end. It certainly enjoys the moment with you but that does not prevent it from always ensuring that your relationship has a future.

7 - He makes efforts to get closer to your entourage
He is aware that the important people in your life should be so for him and that is why he will always ensure that your loved ones appreciate him too. It therefore ensures the connection with your family and friends.

8 - You know he'll always be there when you need him
This man honors every promise he makes to you. You see how committed he is to you and believe that you can always count on him when needed.

9 - You have no problem talking about your feelings and thoughts
It does not act to reject what you think or feel. He always respects your opinions and leaves you enough space to express what your mind holds. He is even interested in hearing what you have to say.
Signs That Your Man Does Not Consider You An Option But A Priority