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6 Signs Of A Marriage Without Love

6 Signs Of A Marriage Without Love

There is nothing more magical than falling in love with someone. But as the relationship evolves, this connection begins to grow and you realize that loving requires a lot of communication, commitment and hard work. Thus, if the couple does not put the necessary effort, a lasting relationship such as a marriage can fade and become without love.

You may be wondering how a love-based marriage can turn into a relationship without love and without feelings. You must know that this state does not happen overnight, and it is possible to get to this point without even realizing that something is wrong in the relationship.

What is a marriage without love?
It can be easy to confuse a loveless marriage with no physical intimacy, but the two are not the same thing. According to licensed clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, if you have physical intimacy less than nine times a year, you are in non physical intimacy marriage, but if that's enough for you and your partner and you're happy, you really do not have anything to fear.

A relationship without love, on the other hand, means that you or your partner do not feel loved or that you no longer love your partner, says se-xologist Ian Kerner.

What are the signs of a marriage without love?
Each couple can go through difficult times, but if you encounter persistent problems, you may end up in a relationship without love.

1. There is a constant distance between you
It is normal to be taken by everyday life, children, work ... etc. As a result, if you do not react and do not take your life as a couple, you and your partner may be driving your relationship to coldness without realizing it.

2. Other aspects of your life come first
Work, stressors, and family obligations can really keep you away from your relationship. But if you notice that this is the case and you do nothing, or that you make it one of your last worries, this can be a problem.

3. The communication is really bad
Do you argue a lot? Or do you stop talking to you for a long time? According to Durvasula, sometimes getting away from each other because of arguments can you confirm whether you are still in love with your partner or not. However, it is more worrying if you do not quarrel at all, because it is a sign that you are not investing yourself to make things better.

4. You may or may not have physical intimacy but no love
It is possible to still have intercourse in a relationship without love. But in this case, according to Kerner, you will not experience love as a form of liberation, but rather as a duty.

5. You do not care about your partner
If apathy sets in, and you do not really care what your partner does or how he feels, then it's a warning sign. According to Kerner, it's living in an emotionally arid environment.

6. Your partner does not react to your efforts
It may be that you are in a relationship without love and that you try to revive your relationship but your partner does not react. If the latter has a narcissistic personality, he is then convinced that it is not his fault but rather yours.

Can you fall in love, or will your marriage fail?
It is possible to find a healthy and happy relationship, but it requires work considering the following options:

Communicate with your partner
According to psychologist Ramani Durvasula, you need to discuss with your partner what brought your relationship to this state. This could shed light on the possible solutions. It should also be kept in mind that this conversation can be painful.

Taking a break from each other may be necessary
This does not mean weeks of leave or a move. It is enough for each of you to take a week for yourself, separately, to think deeply away from the usual routine. So you can see what happens next.

In the end, you can consider a divorce
If you realize that you are really unhappy and do not think there is a way to find common ground, divorce could be a very feasible option. Dr. Durvasula recommends that you take individual therapy to talk about it.
6 Signs Of A Marriage Without Love