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Singing Every Day Is Great For Health

Singing Every Day Is Great For Health

Alone or accompanied, cooking, in the car or in the shower, we can say that everyone is working on the pleasure of singing. Since the dawn of time, singing is commonplace within all cultures and this activity for the least playful has many health benefits.

Just starting your day singing is great for your health. Indeed, soliciting early in the day his vocal cords, muscles whose degree of tension is directly related to the emotional state and nervous, will reduce tension and allow a boost of energy.

The impact of singing on mental and physical well-being is now widely proven by the scientific community.

Study shows the benefits of singing on our psychology
A study conducted by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden not only highlighted the benefits of singing on health, but also found that the heartbeats of choristers synchronize when they sing together, resulting in a calming effect as beneficial for our health than yoga.

Singing also releases endorphins, the hormones of "happiness," along with oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety.

Oxytocin also reduces feelings of depression and loneliness, which makes you feel more in touch with the world, which is why singing in unison with other people is even more beneficial!

In other words, singing just like yoga and meditation involves focusing on your breath, controlling your whole body and expressing your emotions in order to forget your daily routine, evacuating stress and by simply letting go.

Björn Vickhoff, researcher who conducted the study in question, even confirms that singing is a form of controlled and regular breathing, as the expiration occurs on the phrases of the songs and the inspiration takes place between them and that this exercise gives about the same effect as yoga breathing. Singing contributes to relaxation while contributing to cardiac and pulmonary well-being.

Research has also found that singing produces lower levels of cortisol, reducing stress and its effects while improving our immune system.

Other studies confirm the virtues of singing on health
Another study conducted by Frankfurt's Johann Wolfgang Goethe University suggests that choir singing positively influences both emotional affect and immune competence.

Another study conducted by the University of Ireland of an international nature and mixed methods confirmed that choral singing elicits a positive response in the choir across a multitude of areas. This research confirms earlier findings on the benefits of singing for health, and that singing also provides confirmatory evidence supporting choral singing as a means of improving the well-being of many populations.

Choral singing is therefore very beneficial for health and contributes, according to various studies, to the improvement of the breath and the respiratory function, to the strengthening of the immune system which favors the ability to fight infections and diseases, to the improvement brain function, and a boost of energy and of course emotional benefits.
Singing Every Day Is Great For Health