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Sport Is The Best Antidepressant, It Also Prevents Heart Disease

Sport Is The Best Antidepressant, It Also Prevents Heart Disease

The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that depressive disorders are the world's leading criterion for psychological disorders worldwide, and nearly one in five people have suffered or will suffer from a depression in the world. during his life. When we know that depression significantly increases the risk of developing heart disease, physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the best prevention treatments.

Depression would be a proven risk factor that would contribute to the development and development of heart disease in people who have never had cardiovascular problems, especially those at risk who are not physically active.

Study highlights link between depression and heart disease
Indeed, a study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, highlights the causal link between depression and the onset of cardiovascular disease by highlighting that men and women who are in general good fitness at an advanced age, have a lower risk of depression and cardiovascular mortality, suggesting that fitness plays an important role in a primary preventive strategy.

The study reveals that physical exercise halves the risk of death from heart disease. The results focused on the analysis of the cardio-respiratory health of 18,000 participants aged 50 and the prevalence of depression and heart disease later in life and those with a high level of physical fitness had a 56% chance of succumbing to heart disease after being diagnosed with depression. There is also a correlation with other chronic diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes and obesity, and physical exercise may be the best method to overcome these risks.

Dr. Willis, co-author of the study and director of the Epidemiology Department at the Cooper Institute of Dallas, states that the link between mental and physical wellbeing are weight factors and deserve not to be overlooked as they have a leading role in risk prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Other studies confirm the link between depression and heart disease
Another study published in Medical News Today indicates that depression and heart disease seem to be unquestionably linked and that people with depression seem more likely to develop heart problems later in life.

Another study examined the evaluation of several groups of subjects under 65 years of age and those aged 65 and over, with or without a history of depression and patients presenting with angiography. The results of this study have shown that a diagnosis of depression at any time after a diagnosis of coronary artery disease is a strong predictor of death in patients and that there is a significant association between depression and disease. Cardiovascular stressing that being diagnosed with depression at any time after being diagnosed with coronary heart disease doubles the risk of premature death.

The lack of physical exercises also involved
A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that a lack of physical activity could lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders in patients with coronary heart disease who also have symptoms of depression.

Regular physical activity therefore, is a weight factor that could significantly decrease and prevent the risk of depression and developing cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of sport on depression and cardiovascular disease
It is well known that a regular sports activity reduces the risk of developing many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases among others.

But the benefits of regular physical exercise also affect mental health. Indeed, these lead to increase endomorphin levels that reduce pain and cause a euphoric state.

Phenylethylamine also plays a preponderant role in the level of the mood without forgetting that the regular practice of a physical activity increases the synthesis of enzymes precursors of the serotonine, chemical substance produced by the human organism considered as responsible for our well-being and our morale. Moreover, too low serotonin levels can lead to depression.

We can not say it enough, a healthy lifestyle implies a diet that is coupled with regular physical activity, which as we have seen, if it is in deficit, can lead to accentuate the risk of depression and at the same time the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
Sport Is The Best Antidepressant, It Also Prevents Heart Disease