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These 14 Symptoms Reveal That You're Not Crazy, You're Just Waking Up

These 14 Symptoms Reveal That You're Not Crazy, You're Just Waking Up

As a human being, we are brought throughout our lives, to be in perpetual motion and to move as best we can in a world in constant evolution. The more we evolve as a person in our own right, the more we are led, according to our life experiences, to become more or less aware of what surrounds us, of our environment, of our needs, and also, it must be said, of the reality of the world in which we live or build ourselves.

In a world where recklessness, irresponsibility or even illusion can be the key words and allow somehow to "hide the face", some begin their inner evolution and become aware with authenticity of their immediate or distant environment . This period of heightened awareness involves illuminating truths to which we were resistant or hidden. Never exchange the pain of awareness against the comfort of denial.

Here are 14 signs that reveal your spiritual awakening.

1. You start to discover yourself
Awareness implies true liberation that includes true self-confidence. Freed from obsolete patterns, our conscience forces us to discover who we are and to turn the tide in all situations and lets us see everything we could not see.

2. Rather than hiding your weaknesses, accept them
Afraid of being judged or vulnerable, we all tend more or less to hide our weaknesses from the world around us. But when our spiritual awakening makes its appearance, we fully legitimize who we really are and we transform ourselves into a better version of ourselves.

3. You have another vision of life with new goals
Before you became aware, your decisions were almost based on purely material principles. Your spiritual awakening makes you glimpse, if not see, that you are on earth for more specific, larger and less materialistic purposes with the key, the happiness of living in a world specially created for you.

4. Life on Earth begins to take on a real meaning
In life, nothing is a coincidence, everything is an entanglement of things, situations that can build and build the future. Each of us is on Earth to learn, grow and evolve to the best version of himself. A necessary maneuver for an authentic and salutary spiritual awakening.

5. You are no longer afraid of silence
In a world where silence has scarcely any room and where every person has little experience of refocusing on oneself and fears isolation by constantly filling it up, the spiritual awakening reveals that silence does not not scary at all, but necessary for self-reflection.

6. The people around you
Of course, we do not experience spiritual awakening at the same time. This can cause fluctuations or even a gap with people around us. But because everyone has their own pace, you can not force anyone to change or grow. Everyone must experience the process of becoming aware when it is the right time.

7. You begin to feel a deep connection with everything in the universe
If you have ever felt lonely in this world, think again that's not the case. By becoming aware of what exists throughout the universe, you are also aware that you are an integral part of it and that you must move in realizing that you are simply one of the pieces of a giant puzzle.

8. Going further, you realize that everything is one
Finally, recognizing the fact that the functioning of the Universe is based on each of us, you become aware that we all do one with the Universe on a spiritual level. This allows us to admit and realize with great joy the importance of everything and everything around us.

9. Your life before no longer makes sense
It is by looking back that you realize now that certain things or situations to which you have given a great importance, have not the same intensity in your eyes; they no longer have the same weight as before and you can now move serenely.

10. You're not interested in meaningless conversations anymore
Previously, you only had to talk about rain and good weather. But as you evolve in the universe, you feel the intense need for deep and meaningful exchanges that challenge you spiritually and intellectually.

11. Honesty and authenticity become a top priority
The things you thought were authentic, have now taken another turn. When you begin to rediscover the evidence and discover the authenticity of your life and that of the universe, you will value intensely this new aspect.

12. You feel energized
When we connect to the energy of the Universe, inevitably, this leads to an increase in our own energy. It will recharge us and propel us towards our common goal.

13. Live a life of compassion and give unconditionally to those in need
Spiritual awakening also involves the awakening of empathy. To succeed, with others, for others, here is what reveals a real awareness.

14. You are no longer afraid of death
Realize that death is not an end, but the beginning of a new life. That this life here below, is probably only a phase of preparation, of construction, can only push us to live it intensely.
Symptoms Reveal That You're Not Crazy, You're Just Waking Up