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30 Things You Do That People Do Not Realize Because You Really Respect Them Now.

30 Things You Do That People Do Not Realize Because You Really Respect Them Now.

In our present life, respecting oneself is a real struggle with oneself. Competition, lack of self-confidence, beliefs, customs, condition our state of mind. We are born in a society that we have not chosen and remain conditioned by a way of life that does not always correspond to our ideology of life.

To respect oneself is to reshape one's life according to one's own beliefs and beliefs, to have a good self-esteem, to take the time to know oneself and to go on a constructive ascent.

30 ways to respect yourself and build your self-esteem.

1 - Do not accept an apology if they are not followed by actions. When we are wronged and apologized to, that is fine, but if the actions against us prove the opposite, then we must not accept them.

2 - Taking care of yourself is a priority. Also, our well-being goes first before thinking of that of others.

3 - No longer playing the peacemaker and trying to bring calm every time others start the war is not always a good thing. You must not be the one who supports everything so that others are happy.

4 - Do not absorb the negative energy of others. So, people who are only complaining are a wound and it would be better not to suffer their negativity.

5 - Stop dating people you do not want to see anymore. Indeed, the best course of action is to leave them especially if they are not fit for a mature and comprehensive discussion.

6 - Do not always justify your actions and give yourself the freedom to act. Nobody needs the consent of others to manage their life.

7 - Do not automatically reply to messages and it is not impolite to give a late answer. No one has to be continually stuck on their phone.

8 - The freedom to go out. Indeed, to go home and leave, being an adult, is a freedom that we must. Likewise, declaring that you want to stay at home when you are tired indicates a great respect for yourself.

9 - Do not allow others to talk about us. It is imperative to defend one's way of life, especially when others speak ill of us.

10 - Break the expectations of others. So, in spite of the others' point of view, we must not rely on it, otherwise we stay small.

11 - Change your mind about a project that no longer meets your expectations.

12- Avoid online comments. It will not change in any way the problems of the world argued on social networks.

13- Do not engage with people who do not deserve it, our energy is precious.

14 - Never drown your sorrows in alcohol, it will not solve its problems in any way, but will add one.

15 Respect your body by avoiding any overconsumption.

16 - Do not worry about what others think about our choice of life.

17 Share your ideas without restricting yourself.

18 - Be creative by ignoring the reaction of others.

19 - You have to know how to say no when necessary.

20 - Say "I do not know" when really we do not know.

21 - Do not be ashamed of your body and show it despite the judgment of others.

22 - Avoid being mean when you're not good with yourself.

23 - Do not beg for the love of others.

24 - Be responsible for your own life and not depend on the attention of others.

25 - No longer give importance to those for whom we are only an option.

26 - No longer take the role of the victim, we deserve better.

27 - Set aside bad habits like laziness, lack of will and develop rather courage and determination.

28 - Do not give importance to the valuation made by others on our life; only our own opinion really matters.

29 - Stop looking for happiness in what we do not have.

30 - Enjoy every moment of solitude in order to find oneself and to take stock of one's life; this is important in order to develop one's own qualities for a good self-esteem.
30 Things You Do That People Do Not Realize Because You Really Respect Them Now.