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Here Are The Tips For Choosing The Best Watermelon

Here Are The Tips For Choosing The Best Watermelon

Pick The Best Watermelon

When you buy certain foods like vegetables or fruits, it is not enough just to put some in your shopping bag and go home. You also have to know how to choose the right ones in order not to be disappointed. That's why today we're going to give you tips that will help you get the most out of the fruits you buy while not losing your money unnecessarily.

1 - Watermelon
You must have already noticed that many watermelons have white-yellow spots on their skin. Although these tasks generally suggest that the watermelon is not good, it is in fact only a trace of the place where the fruit was laid in the fields during its growth. The best and most tasty watermelons are those with yellow-cream or yellow-colored spots turning orange.

You have probably also noticed traces with a rough texture that are present on some watermelons. Again, this is not an indicator of the poor quality of the fruit, but rather a mark that indicates how many times the bees came in contact with the watermelon flower. The more these traces are present, the more the watermelon in question will be sweetened.
Pick The Best Watermelon

It might seem odd to you but there are male watermelons and other females. The first category of watermelon contains more elongated fruits with an oval shape and contains more water. The second type, female watermelons, are rounder and generally have a much sweeter taste.

Pick The Best Watermelon

Despite the fact that we often tend to take the biggest watermelon on the stall, know that this is not at all a guarantee that the fruit in question will be better. So instead of choosing the largest watermelon, choose a medium sized one.

Also remember that the stem of a watermelon can say a lot about the degree of maturity. Thus, a green stem means that the fruit has been picked prematurely. Choose one whose stem is dry or brownish. It will usually be more mature.

2 - Pineapple
In general, we are rather tempted to jump on the yellowest and brightest pineapple, but unfortunately it is not a criterion to ensure that it is better than others. Start by making sure you do not choose one that is green because it means that it is not yet mature enough to be consumed.

Some say that a pineapple is ripe when you can remove one of the leaves in the middle with ease. However, you should keep in mind if you remove the leaf effortlessly, it may be that the fruit is too ripe and therefore pasty inside.

Pick The Best Watermelon

There is a criterion to take into account in order to make the right choice of pineapple, it is to apply a little pressure on the latter. If the fruit is hard, it means that it is not yet ripe and so it will not be sweet enough. Opt for a pineapple that is not too hard or too soft.

There is also a last technique to judge the maturity of a pineapple is to feel it. If your pineapple has an aroma of freshness with a sweet note, it means that it is mature enough to be eaten. If it does not smell, it means there is no time yet to eat it. If the scent is too sweet, it means that the pineapple is probably too ripe.

3 - Cantaloupe
The first step in choosing the ideal cantaloupe is to examine it for abnormal deep molds, bruises and scratches.

The next step is to spot the cantaloupe with the right degree of maturity; You have the choice between choosing a fruit that you eat soon after you return home and another that you want to keep a certain moment. In the first case, you must take one whose skin does not contain green stains. You should be able to find one whose skin color is beige with perhaps a little bit of green. A green skin means that the cantaloupe is not yet ripe.

You can also take some cantaloupes and compare their weights. The heavier ones are the ones you should take.

Also try to apply a little pressure on the lower end of the fruit, if it is not hard, it means it's good. But if it seems too soft, it is possible that the cantaloupe is too mature.

Remember that you can also do the same thing with pineapple by sniffing your cantaloupe!

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