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7 Tips For Having A Good Feng Shui And Having A Harmonious, Quiet Home Full Of Positive Energy

7 Tips For Having A Good Feng Shui And Having A Harmonious, Quiet Home Full Of Positive Energy

Having a warm, organized home where you can relax, and think about your plans after a long day of work is the wish of many of us. Unfortunately, there are times when we feel bad in our own home, without knowing why. And if it was the negative energies that poison your life? Try these 7 rules of Feng Shui to attract positive energies, and get rid of all the negative energies that invade your home.

Feng Shui is a Chinese art that aims to create a harmony, regulating the energies that circulate in a place. This art, practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese, improves the state of health, and attract prosperity and joy in the lives of its followers. Here are the 7 golden rules to follow if you want to enjoy all the benefits of Feng Shui in your home.

1- Get rid of all the things you do not use:
Feng Shui is an art based mainly on organization. And we will all agree that a house where all kinds of useless and worn things are scattered is not an organized house. So try to get rid of all the furniture, and old and dusty objects that just occupy your space and attract a lot of negative energies in your home.

2- Keep a good light, and good ventilation:
Have you ever noticed that in horror movies, all houses are dark, and stuffy? In fact, a house that is not sufficiently ventilated and lit gives its inhabitants a feeling of melancholy, and promotes the spread of bacteria and all kinds of dirt. In addition, according to Feng Shui, poor ventilation could draw more negative energy into your home. So, if you want to create a good climate for relaxation and relaxation, open your windows at least once a day, and install bright, cheerful, and good quality lights. You will find that your house will be completely transformed.

3- Define your energy card:
Bagua or the energy map, according to Feng Shui specialists, is a tool that can detect weaknesses in your home, and find ways to fix it. After trying it, you will know which elements to modify in your home to attract positive energies, and get rid of negative waves. The stages of realization of Bagua can be easily found on the Internet, and in the specialized works in Feng Shui.

4- Install the 5 elements of Feng Shui:
In order to create a better harmony, and attract the things you want in your home, this one must contain all the elements of Feng Shui, namely: Earth, metal, wood, fire, and the water. The combination of wood and water, for example, can attract money and prosperity, while the wood-land combination helps to improve health and well-being.

5- Discover your Feng Shui birth element:
Did you know that you have the option to determine your Feng Shui birth item? Discover it in this article, and try to decorate your home according to your results to promote well-being, and prosperity. For example, if your birth element is fire, you should choose colors that represent fire, such as red or orange. If you were born under the wood element, opt for objects and wooden furniture to decorate your home.

6- Calculate your Kua number:
The Kua figure is an index used by Feng Shui enthusiasts to determine personality traits, as well as ways to use for a better quality of life. The calculation of this figure will allow you to know the positions to favor to install your furniture, as well as the objects that you must install in your bedroom and the different rooms of your house. To calculate your Kua number, you can use calculators available on the web. They will also give you the nature of your element (wood, water, fire, etc.)

7- Pay attention to the energies that surround you:
Finally, one of the most important rules you must follow in order to have a good Feng Shui in your home, is to connect with the energies around you, practicing relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. It is also very important to avoid arguments, and other negative behaviors that will only draw negative energies into your home, while damaging your well-being, and your psychological and physical health.