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True Love Is The One That Allows You To Grow While Accepting Your Partner Instead Of Trying To Change It

True Love Is The One That Allows You To Grow While Accepting Your Partner Instead Of Trying To Change It

Many of us stumble in their personal lives, some more often than others. But in the end, the disappointments push us to finally ask ourselves the right questions without necessarily realizing their importance. We wonder what really is true love and if it really exists, what we have lost sight of and that could have prevented us from avoiding the worst.

True love, is it just in our imagination?
When two people are animated by genuine love, not ulterior motives, when both love each other unconditionally and sincerely, they end up becoming better by the day.

Those who love each other for real emit no condition or reserve. They go beyond the imperfections and defects of their partner and focus exclusively on its good aspects. They promise to accept and love their partner as he is for the rest of their lives.

You've probably already faced a situation where your motives were other than true love. You realize then that you had created a perfect partner in your imagination and that you had projected this image on your partner.

So, believing that you have the ability to control someone and remove their imperfections is totally false. Such a way of looking at things is quite hypocritical since you are not perfect yourself. And no matter how hard you strive for perfection, you really should stop for a minute and wonder why you are so afraid of falling in love with someone for who you really are and for the authenticity of himself.

Here's how true love really helps to become better
Rather than constantly trying to identify these imperfections to see how to change them, give yourself a chance to fall in love without paying attention. You will realize then that you and your partner will improve you without necessarily realizing it.

But in the end, the change must first take place in you. If you and your partner love each other sincerely, you will motivate each other to become the best version of yourself. You will then be the person your partner deserves and it will also work in the opposite direction.

However, try not to try to force the other to change, do not jostle things. And by dint of loving one another and accepting each other, you will let the change take place from within your own couple. You learn at the same time that there are times when you have to sacrifice your desires for the other. Because if you really love your partner, you will be ready to sacrifice a temporary need for happiness or for the sustainability of the relationship.

You will have to love yourself passionately, fiercely and completely. To love your partner also means that you will have to accept his failures. And when it is necessary, you will forgive him and never stop loving him.

It is equally important, however, that you understand that you should begin by loving yourself so that you can love others. The image you have of yourself reflects the way you want others to treat you. Therefore, do you like and accept your weaknesses and all your mistakes and failures.
True Love Is The One That Allows You To Grow While Accepting Your Partner Instead Of Trying To Change It