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Use Of Phones In School Leads To Poor Academic Results According To A Study

Use Of Phones In School Leads To Poor Academic Results According To A Study

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a smartphone, including children. And just like adults, they often tend to take them with them wherever they go, even in class during class. Nevertheless, it is no secret that the use of electronic devices in the classroom can distract students, and would be related to poor academic results, according to a study.

"Today, children do not play breaks any more, they are all in front of their smartphones. And from an educational point of view, it's a problem. "Said Jean-Michel Blanquer, the French Minister of Education.

"It's about ensuring compliance with the rules and the law. The use of telephones is forbidden in class. With principals, teachers, and parents, we need to find a way to protect students from losing focus because of tablets and phones. " He added

The minister confirmed that students will not be able to take their phones out during breaks, meal times and between classes, starting September 19, 2018.

Why is it dangerous for a child to use a smartphone in class?
Invasion of privacy: Mobile phones are equipped with cameras. Sometimes students take pictures of their classmates, which can lead to harassment or bullying.

Theft: Cell phones are attractive and expensive, and everyone wants the latest model. Schools that allow students to carry their mobile phones at school generally experience a significant increase in the number of theft complaints.

Cheating: Mobile phones offer students a whole new way to cheat during tests and homework. Students can also send text messages (SMS) when sitting in the same class.

Student Distraction: Whenever a message arrives or the phone vibrates, the first reaction is to stop what the student is doing - including listening to a teacher present a lesson - to respond to the message. Learning can be hindered by allowing this type of distraction.

A study establishes the link between the use of smartphones during classes, and poor school results.

You know that your kids are addicted to technology, but you may not know how bad that addiction can be.

In a study published by the Center for Economic Performance, exam results increased by 6% in schools that imposed strict prohibitions on introducing mobile phones into the classroom.

Researchers at the University of Texas and the University of Louisiana have studied mobile telephony policies in different schools in four cities since 2001, analyzing how exam results have changed before and after the adoption of these bans.

According to the authors of the research, the impact of the ban on phones for students was the equivalent of an extra hour per week at school. They add that these impacts have been observed particularly among less successful students.

With the easily accessible technology that smartphones offer, the result is a myriad of problems. In addition, this study is just one of many that shed light on how smartphones can really hinder productivity. Obviously, the presence of a mobile phone decreases performance during testing and negatively affects the ability to focus.
Use Of Phones In School Leads To Poor Results According To A Study