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A Veterinarian Explains Why It's So Important To Be With Your Pet For His Last Moments

A Veterinarian Explains Why It's So Important To Be With Your Pet For His Last Moments

A purring here, a barking there, our pets do everything to love them; we feel a special affection for them. It is a true and unconditional love that they are dedicated to us and that we share with these little balls of traveling hair. For this reason, it is essential to be present at their side even at the end of their lives.

For a pet we are all his life while he is passing through ours. He asks us for attention, hugs, participation in the game and admires us. It is therefore difficult to leave, even if it is not wanted.

When euthanasia becomes essential
It happens sometimes that we sponsor the death of our animal, following a grave and mortal illness that makes him suffer; euthanasia remains the last option in order to shorten its suffering.

For this purpose, a veterinarian has posted a message on social networks in which he asks the owners of these animals not to abandon them when they need them the most. The viral message of the veterinarian denounces the absence of owners alongside their four-legged companions, who deserve to be reciprocated at the end of their lives.

Owners in turn, in the face of their suffering and sensitivity, prefer not to witness the killing of their animal. Faced with this dramatic situation for both parties, the message of the vet remains a plea begging everyone not to abandon his animal in a place he does not like, with people who him are unknown because his suffering and his anxiety will be increased tenfold.

How to mourn an animal?
Whether the separation with our animal is natural or not, it is important to mourn his death. For this, it is advisable not to rush to adopt another animal that will be endorse the role of "bandage". It is important to take your time and when the right time comes, it is advisable to choose a different animal or breed to keep away the memories of the deceased animal.

The stages of mourning begin with denial, anger, questioning, sorrow and acceptance. However, the mourning is to arrive at the process of healing which certainly, will always be present but less painful.

Also, it is important to be surrounded by understanding people who love animals as much as you and who will understand your sorrow, with whom you can share and confide your pain. But in most cases, people remain silent in their grief for fear of being ridiculed. We have often heard the famous phrase "Stop crying! But it's only an animal! To believe that this animal had neither soul nor heart, nor intelligence.

It is important to avoid these derogatory remarks and you should not be ashamed to feel sorry for yourself. We must instead try to readjust and go about new occupations and activities such as sports, travel to fill the void left by our hairball, to forget the grief and resume a more serene life.
A Veterinarian Explains Why It's So Important To Be With Your Pet For His Last Moments