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That's Why Waiting Is Sometimes Very Beneficial

That's Why Waiting Is Sometimes Very Beneficial

Faced with the difficulties of life and obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable, we sometimes feel discouraged, to the point of wanting to give up everything. When, despite all our efforts, no results are made, we lose hope and we often confess defeated. Yet, when one pursues a goal, giving up is never the best solution and the wait can be beneficial as illustrated by the fable of fern and bamboo. Whatever the ordeals, it's important to always hold on.

The fable of fern and bamboo
"One day, I confessed myself defeated: I resigned from my job, I left my companion and my life. I went to the forest to talk with an old man who, it seems, was a sage.

- Could you give me a good reason not to confess me defeated? I asked him.

- Look around you, he replied. Do you see fern and bamboo?

- Yes, I replied.

- When I sowed the seeds of fern and bamboo, I took good care of them. The fern grew up very fast. Its brilliant green has covered the ground. But the bamboo seed did not give anything. I did not give up bamboo.

In the second year, the fern became even brighter and plentiful, but again, the bamboo seed gave nothing. But I did not give up bamboo.

The third year, the bamboo seed has still not given anything. But I did not give up bamboo.

In the fourth year, again, the bamboo seed gave nothing. But I did not give up bamboo.

In the fifth year, a small bamboo shoot emerged from the ground. In comparison with the fern, it was of course very small and insignificant.

In the sixth year, bamboo has grown to over 20 meters tall. He had spent five years building roots to support him. These roots made him strong and gave him what he needed to survive.

Do you know that all this time when you fought, in fact, you formed roots?

Bamboo has a different role than the fern, and yet both are needed and beautify the forest.

Do not regret one day of your life. Good days bring you happiness. Bad days bring you experience. Both are essential to life. Happiness makes you sweet. Attempts make you strong. The sentences make you human. The falls make you humble. Success makes you shine ...

If you do not succeed what you want to do, do not lose hope, because maybe you're only making roots ... "

Why always hold on to your dreams and not get discouraged

The pursuit of a dream or ideal is never easy and requires a tremendous amount of effort. The course is full of pitfalls and the hoped-for results can sometimes be expected. In this work and pursuit of our goals, it is important to never give up.

1. We may reach the goal
"Many failures in life are caused by people who do not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. "

- Thomas Edison

To give up is to fail. But who knows how close we are to the goal?

2. The goals we value most are usually those that require the most time and investment
In the fable, the sage waited many years for a result to manifest itself and for a small bamboo shoot to come out of the ground. He knew that the seed needed time to prepare himself before turning into a tall tree, and that even if nothing appeared on the surface of the earth below, the work was real. To grow a plant of twenty meters does not require the same preparation as another eighty centimeters.

3. The wait is good
If you feel discouraged because you do not see any results, hang on to your dream even harder, because the higher your goal, the more effort and investment you need to make before you can make visible progress. and to reach it.

A result that is slow to show shows that we are making deep and strong roots. At the same time as we are working on it, our dream progresses slowly, silently.

Of course, things do not always go as fast as we would like, and we find ourselves waiting.

Nevertheless, there may be good reasons for this, that we do not know and that surpass us, but this often happens for our good and the wait turns out to be a blessing. So, thank you.
That's Why Waiting Is Sometimes Very Beneficial