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Walking 15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Body And Your Health

Walking 15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Body And Your Health

We constantly hear from medical and sports experts about the importance of regular physical activity and all the benefits it can have on us physically, mentally or emotionally. However, there is a very simple practice that is also economical in terms of time and effort but brings a lot of benefits to our body: walking.

Several recent studies have shown that walking for at least 15 minutes a day can allow us to live another 7 years. One study was designed to track 69 people between the ages of 30 and 60 years old. The researchers found that those who practiced moderate exercise on a daily basis, such as walking, had greater resistance to the aging process.

The relationship between walking and cardiovascular health

The results that follow will come from three studies by researchers at Harvard University and they have these conclusions respectively:

- For 10,269 male Harvard middle school graduates, walking at least 14Km per week was directly associated with a mortality rate 22% lower than the rest.

- In 44,452 men, a walk of at least 30 minutes a day decreased the risk of having coronary artery disease by 18%, according to the researchers.

- In 72,488 nurses, walking for at least 3 hours a week reduced the risk of dying from a heart attack by 35% and stroke by 34% in comparison with who did not walk.

The benefits we can derive from daily walking

1 - Walking improves cognitive skills
Since the 1960s, several studies have established a link between walking and cognitive performance in children, the elderly or adults in general. The effects of a daily walking activity would have chronic effects on the brain, even reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

2 - It also lowers blood pressure
One study has shown that walking with average intensity every day can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

3 - It can help improve mobility
According to an article in the American Heart Association, daily walking has the direct effect of improving the condition of people who have lost mobility due to arterial disease.

4 - She is able to help prevent and control diabetes
According to the results of the study on the state of health of nurses, those who walked 30 minutes a day reduced the risk of diabetes by 30%.

5 - It improves your mood
According to a 2015 study at the University of Iowa, walking for 12 minutes makes you feel better, more positive, and more confident.

6 - It can lower the risk of having cancer
According to a study by Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, women who used to walk 7 hours a week were 14% less likely to develop breast cancer.

Some tips to get the most out of your walk
  • Rotate your arms by bending them 90 degrees. To achieve this, you will have to apply a slight pressure on your shoulders.
  • Your shoes must be comfortable
  • Keep a correct posture
  • Find the optimal rhythm for you

9 means that will allow you to walk as often as possible

1 - Take a quick walk just after lunch

2 - Do the same thing after dinner

3 - Do your best to go to school or work on foot

4 - When you take the bus, get off one or two stations before your destination

5 - Listen to music while walking instead of listening while sitting

6 - If you have a dog, do not hesitate to walk it

7 - Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator

8 - Do not take the nearest parking place