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Why Emphatic People Do Not Support Fake People

Why Emphatic People Do Not Support Fake People

Empaths are certainly the most sensitive people. Able to feel the emotions of others, they are endowed with extraordinary human qualities. Hypersensitive, generous and, above all, honest, empaths fail to understand wrong people and experience great discomfort when they find themselves with them.

The empathic sees people as they are
The ability of the empath to feel the energies of people and things around him and to penetrate the emotional state of others allows him to immediately sense a person's intentions, whether good or bad . It is easy to imagine that he prefers to surround himself with honest, happy and genuine people.

But when it turns out that the person who comes to him lies by his words or his behavior, he knows it, because he sees it as it really is, with its true character and true intentions.

How does an empathome feel about an inauthentic person

When he detects a fake person, lying person who does not show his true face, the empath is embarrassed and frustrated and he tends to seek to cut off the interaction and to flee as quickly as possible.

He is disoriented and frustrated
The fact that a person behaves and speaks differently from what he really is sends clashing signals that add to his sense of unease and frustration.

He does not support it
The empath does not support people who are not authentic and does not understand what can be beneficial to prefer not to show in his true face, rather than to try to solve the problems that we seek to hide.

He is drained of his energy
To slip into the skin of inauthentic people is extremely tiring for an empath and drains his energy. The batteries flat, all that the empath wants is to move away from them and relax.

He tries to flee
The fact that the empath is able to sense the contradictory energies of a wrong person does not go hand in hand with the ability to manage them. This is why the empath will prefer to move away, instead of staying and suffering bad vibrations.

Tips to empathes
If you are empathized and a fake and untrue person takes your time and effort, here's how to behave.

Know NO
An empath is by nature a good person and altruistic. He wants to love and help everyone by being as complaisant as possible. Since he is unthinkable to harm others voluntarily, he finds it hard to say no when he knows that it may hurt the other person and make him feel bad.

If these characteristics correspond to you, know that by saying no to certain requests, you will show respect for yourself and you will preserve your mental energy.

On the other hand, if you are afraid that a person will feel bad if you say no to him, think of the fact that everyone is free and master of the way he reacts and that a bad reaction on his part can not be charged.

Follow your heart
Empathists tend to favor the pleasure and needs of others at the expense of their own. He often believes that it is his duty to help everyone and to take action to make everyone feel good.

Unfortunately, he often forgets one thing by doing this, it is his own well-being, his own values and the pursuit of his own goals.

Do not sacrifice your dreams to please everyone
Never sacrifice yourself for the sole purpose of pleasing others and focus on achieving your goals and things that will make your life better.

An empathist who bends over backwards to satisfy everyone is quickly exhausted. So, if you feel that you have to move away, be true to yourself and do it, simply.