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This Baby Stops Breathing After 2 Hours Of Driving, Mom Warns Parents

This Baby Stops Breathing After 2 Hours Of Driving, Mom Warns Parents

All families need to spend time together and regularly share activities and good times. To better find each other, many opt for weekend family outings. And who says outings often says car trips. But a Scottish family recently discovered, but a little late, that transporting young children and especially infants car in car seats, could be more dangerous!

The couple who almost lost their baby because of a car seat
Everything seemed to be going well for Christopher Clark, his wife Kristi and their two daughters Melana, 3, and Harper, three weeks. They were all out together for an afternoon family shopping. This family could have had an ideal day had it not been that their daughter Harper was near death.

After a long drive back because of traffic jams, it was time to go to bed for the two girls. Kristi and Christopher first put their daughter Melana in bed, before taking care of Harper, who had remained in his cozy room for the time being. But when he got out, his parents immediately noticed that something was wrong. Christopher took Harper and laid her on his play mat. Then the baby was convulsed.

Looking at her carefully, Kristi saw that her daughter's lips had turned blue, her jaws had tightened. Moss escaped from his mouth and nose. Horrified, both parents rushed the child to the hospital. Harper had stopped breathing.

Nevertheless, the doctors managed to revive her and once the girl was put out of danger, they explained to the parents that having spent nearly two hours immobile in her seat had dropped the oxygen level in her body. infants' blood and provoked a crisis of convulsions.

Now that Harper is in good health, Christopher and Kristi warn all parents against the danger of leaving their babies for more than an hour in car seats.

For better safety of children by car
Because it's important for parents to be aware of all the dangers their children face, here are some safety tips to protect your children when driving.

- Never leave a baby in a car seat more than one or two hours
Many parents make the mistake of leaving their baby for a long time in a cozy or a car seat, even if the latter is out of the car.

During long car trips, take breaks and take your baby off regularly. Babies who stay too long have lower oxygen levels and may have difficulty breathing.

- For children under fifteen months, put the cozy back to the road
Until that age, the children's neck is not yet sufficiently developed and a frontal impact could lead to serious cervical lesions.

Disable the passenger seat airbag
On the other hand, if it is at the front of the car that you install your baby or your young child, it is imperative to disable the passenger airbag because in case of shock, if your baby is back to the road the airbag can break the seat shell, which can be fatal to your child, and if your child over 15 months is facing the road, the power and speed of the airbag could hurt him.

It is safer for children to be in the back of the car
Children under 1m35 should always be seated in seats that are perfectly adapted to their height, weight and, ideally, behind the driver.

Make sure belts are in place
It is easy to overlook a twisted or improperly positioned seat belt in relation to the car seat. However, it is essential that it passes through all the appropriate places to properly hold your child's seat in case of shock.

As for the harnesses of car seats, it is advisable to always check that they are sufficiently tight and that they are not twisted either.
This Baby Stops Breathing After 2 Hours Of Driving, Mom Warns Parents